DHfK Leipzig: Without fans in the MUST game against Balingen

How many candies will he need this time?

André Haber (34), trainer of the DHfK handball team, likes to suck elderberry candy during the game. Especially when his voice is badly attacked and the record doesn’t really run smoothly.

The consumption is likely to have been immense. Because Haber himself admits: “We could have collected five or six more points. Are behind what we set out to do. “

In this respect, there is an obligation to win for the game on Thursday (7 p.m.) against Balingen. Or as Haber puts it: “It’s a must-play game for us.”

And still without fans. The model project initiated by the DHfK with 999 tested viewers has now been submitted to the state government by the city, but has not yet been approved due to the increasing number of cases. Goalkeeper Joel Birlehm (23): “Of course we miss them. That is a catalyst for our performance. “

Nevertheless, they should stabilize again in the last third. Managing Director Karsten Günther (39): “From Balingen we want to really rack up points again.”


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