DFB: Why Lahm is now fighting for Beckenbauer’s life’s work

Philipp Lahm (38) organizes the EM 2024 in Germany – and fights for the life’s work of Franz Beckenbauer (76), his predecessor as world champion captain and tournament boss.

What he announced on Sunday in the BILD TV program “Lage der Liga” was continued by Lahm on Monday in Berlin at the ceremony by the Sepp Herberger Foundation.

Lahm in his eulogy for the Kaiser: “The summer fairy tale would not have been possible without Franz Beckenbauer. We all know that mistakes were made around the 2006 World Cup. But in the case of Franz Beckenbauer, that’s a bit out of balance.”

What he means: Beckenbauer is held responsible for (unproven) allegations of bribery for the World Cup bid. His achievements as a world champion player, world champion team boss and World Cup maker were unfairly overshadowed.

For health reasons, too, Beckenbauer has largely withdrawn from the public eye.

What does he say about the Lahm advance?

Beckenbauer to BILD: “I am very pleased that he is so committed to my life’s work. I know that Philipp is working on it. Maybe we can watch a game together in the stands at the European Championships in two years’ time.” According to BILD information, Lahm recently spoke to the Beckenbauer side for a long time.

Joel Beckenbauer (22), the son of Heidi and Franz, accepted the Herberger Award.


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