DFB star Klostermann on Löw’s farewell after EM: “Gives an extra push”

Lukas Klostermann (24) is next to Marcel Halstenberg (29) the only RB professional in the German EM squad. In the interview he talks about the short break, the return of the fans and the farewell to Joachim Löw (61).

BILD: Mr. Klostermann, two weeks of preparation and hopefully four weeks of the tournament is a long time. What does your friend say about it?

Klostermann: “It was foreseeable that it would come that way. But we were allowed to arrive a few days later. So at least there was time for a mini vacation after the season. Then we are rested and motivated for a hopefully long tournament! “

BILD: What role does it play for Joachim Löw to graduate as national coach?

Klostermann: “I think there is an extra push. But you won’t notice that in the games themselves. That doesn’t affect you in the game. But one thing is clear: we want to offer him a nice and successful graduation. “

BILD: Are the three group games in Munich in front of 7,000 to 14,000 fans real home games?

Klostermann: “That will be a small advantage. I’m happy as a player and for the fans! It’s great that we can experience the pre-corona atmosphere. It is an important step in the right direction. “

BILD: Has the volume been adjusted?

Klostermann: “At last the right defender was able to shout something over to the left wing. That will certainly fail. Depending on how many fans are in the stadium, it stops after five to ten meters in terms of acoustics. After two or three games everyone got used to it again. “

BILD: The preparation takes place in Seefeld. You are with the DFB in the Nidum Hotel. There was also a lot of RB there.

Klostermann: “This is a super hotel. You have everything you need. The places are great. The nice thing is that you can go back and forth between the hotel and the square on an e-bike. Quite good because the climbs are poisonous. We will be able to prepare extremely well for the EM. “


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