DFB Cup: Sascha Mölders – That’s why I taped Schalke on the shirt

Schalke on the chest? Not with Sascha Mölders (36) …

In the 1-0 cup triumph against the Royal Blues, the storm veteran from 1860 Munich had masked the Schalke name, which was on the Löwen jersey as a match, with tape.

He gave the reason for this in an interview with Sky after the game: “I’m a boy from Essen, and then I have a hard time with Schalke 04 on my jersey, and that’s why I taped it up.”

Mölders was instrumental in the victory, showed a strong performance, prepared the winning goal by Stefan Lex when he captured the ball in the opposing penalty area and crossed it on Lex.

The match pairing flaked on the 1860 jersey – partially masked at MöldersPhoto: imago images / kolbert-press


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