David Kadel at Hannover 96 – man praises performance by the head coach

Training for the head lasted two hours.

Monday was mentality trainer David Kadel (54) at Hannover 96. In the VIP room of the arena, the “personality coaching” expert gave a lecture for the 96 stars. And the head coach was obviously well received.

Philipp Ochs (24): “I found the presentation very good. Every footballer has had a headache at one point or another. It was about mentality but also about things that have nothing to do with football. “

Sports director Marcus Mann (37): “It was very good and interesting. I think it was well received and everyone can draw positive things for themselves. “

And that’s what Kadel’s head training is all about. With his “HERZENS – Coaching” program, he wants to “help people reach their potential”, “question their attitudes” and “remind them of their strengths”.

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It is obvious that the Reds (also) have a head problem. Many players (Ernst, Hinterseer, Hult, Weydandt) are not in top form, others (Franke, Trybull, Hansen) are even miles away. Result: Six league games without a win, crashed to 15th place.

To solve the blockages, head coach Kadel should help.

Man: “He made the players think about seeing things differently or appreciating them. Sometimes it is enough to drive to the game with a better feeling. “

It wasn’t just about football, it was also about other top stars and what they are investing in order to get the last one or two percent out – and to keep getting better. “It’s about additional input for the players,” says coach Jan Zimmermann. “We’re trying to improve in many areas.”

Kadel’s two-hour performance is said to have been “unique”. However, it cannot be ruled out that the Reds will incorporate “head training” again in the future.


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