Darts World Cup: Gabriel Clemens’ mental trainer: “Gaga will be even stronger”

2.2 million viewers trembled on Tuesday evening in front of the screens with our darts hero Gabriel “Gaga” Clemens (37) – and saw how the Saarlander fired seven match darts in his World Cup round of 16 against Krzysztof Ratajski (43) from Poland . In the end it was 3: 4.

Many asked themselves: How did this happen? One who needs to know is his mental trainer.

Mark Klinger (48) on BILD: “The nerves didn’t flutter. It was the famous momentum. It was extreme tension at the highest level. But: there has to be more consistency. That is the difference between number one and number 28 in the world. “

He has been working with him since the beginning of “Gaga’s” professional career in 2019.

Klinger is convinced: “With Gabriel it is also very important to understand that he learns from such situations and comes back even stronger. You have seen that in the last two years. “

Mental trainer and meanwhile a good friend of Gaga: Mark KlingerPhoto: private

Klinger continues: “After the defeat, I told him that he should think about the many great moments and that a lot went very well. And it was also good that he showed emotions. “

During the tournament he spoke to “Gaga” every day – also because the time in London was not easy for the best German darter. Klinger: “Gabriel is an absolute family man and needs his friends.”

They have to straighten him up now, Klinger’s training should also help.

The mental coach: “It is important for every professional to get back into the tunnel quickly after a bad game. Certain breathing techniques are good for this. It’s not just about breathing, it’s also about thoughts. He has to think of something completely different. “

Klinger concluded: “He is now in the top 30. And if his development process continues like this, I am sure that we will hear a lot more from him.”


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