Darmstadt: After the crisis meeting, direction relegation

Darmstadt now has 6 points ahead of 16th place after the 3: 2 against Paderborn. Offensive man Marvin Mehlem (23) reveals why the lilies have now (hopefully) got the curve.

“We had a lot of conversations. We also knew as a team that it couldn’t go on like this. We mentioned the game against KSC. We collapsed completely after the 0: 1 and let ourselves down. “

The players also spoke plainly among themselves. Without a trainer.

But Markus Anfang (46) also took the boys aside. Mehlem: “He said that I would get into goal situations, but then I wouldn’t score.” Mehlem thought about it and scored very determinedly against Paderborn to make it 2-2. It can carry on like this.

Saturday is against Aue with ex-trainer Dirk Schuster. Mehlem: “We have the chance to win two games in a row. We know the football that Dirk Schuster lets play. We don’t want to give away games lightly. “


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