Cyber ​​Attacks: United States and Allies Together to Condemn China’s “Malicious” Activities

The EU, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and NATO will join forces to accuse China of “using criminal hackers”, according to a senior American official.

Washington and its allies will condemn, Monday, July 19, together, cyberactivities “maliciousFrom Beijing and accuse it of carrying out extortion operations against their companies, but also of threatening their security, according to a senior American official.

In comments to the press that could further poison the already strained relations between the two powers, the official said, on condition of anonymity, that the “China’s irresponsible behavior in cyberspace was inconsistent with its goal of appearing as a responsible leader“. China’s cyber activities represent “a serious threat to the economy and national securityFrom the United States and its allies, he asserted.

Monday, he announced, “an unprecedented group of allies and partners, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and NATO, to join the United States to expose the ministry’s malicious cyber activities Chinese Security“. They will notably accuse the Chinese government of “call in criminal hackers“To carry out attacks around the world, sometimes”for personal profit“, And will reveal”50 of their tactics, techniques and procedures», He clarified.

China accused of being responsible for attack on Microsoft

These attacks may be aimed at stealing data or technology, but “reports also blame hackers linked to the Chinese government for ransom demands of millions of dollars from private companiesHe continued, without giving details. The attacks at “Ransomware” or “ransomwareWhich involve encrypting a target’s data and demanding money to decrypt it, are increasingly common and several large US companies have been targeted recently, rather by hackers linked to Russia.

China has “irresponsible, disruptive and destabilizing behavior in cyberspace, which represents a major threat to the economy and to securityFrom the United States and its partners, said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. “Chinese government must end its systematic cybersabotage and must be held accountable if it does not», Added the head of the British diplomacy Dominic Raab.

In their appeal, the United States and its allies will formally blame China for the massive hack in March against Microsoft Group’s Exchange messaging services, which reportedly affected at least 30,000 organizations, including local American businesses, cities and institutions. . The tech giant had already accused a group of hackers linked to Beijing, called “Hafnium“.

In a cautious statement, NATO says “take note“American or British statements on China, and address their”solidarity“. “We call on all states, including China, to meet their obligations, including in cyberspace”, According to this document.

China denied responsibility for the attack on Tuesday, with its embassy in New Zealand ruling “Baseless and irresponsible” the accusations in this direction launched Monday by Washington and its allies.

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