Criticism of DOSB President: Did Olympia boss Alfons Hörmann throw pens?

A letter causes a lot of trouble!

Germany’s most important sports official, Alfons Hörmann (60), is heavily criticized in an anonymous letter. The President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation is said to be responsible for a “culture of fear” in his association and to lack respect and decency. Allegedly the letter is supported by more than a third of the 170 employees of the DOSB (based in Frankfurt).

Further allegations: Despite Corona, Hörmann would never wear a mask in meetings and had already pelted employees with pens. Some, especially women, have resigned or are receiving psychotherapeutic treatment because they are being “pushed beyond the limits of what can be stressed”. The letter says: “It takes change! Above all, however, a new culture is needed within the DOSB. It can not go on like this!”

A good two months before the Olympic Games, the uprising against Alfons throws the association completely into turmoil. Stefan Klett, head of the state sports federation in North Rhine-Westphalia (5 million members), calls for Hörmann’s resignation: “Mr. Hörmann should resign immediately and clear the way for a new election.” The DOSB board and presidium wedge back: “The criticism of our president as the board of directors of the DOSB, we reject it in all clarity. “

Horst Melzer (71) was the Olympic ambassador for the unsuccessful application of the Rhine-Ruhr region 2032 in February. He says to BILD: “It’s frightening when the top boss deals with his staff in such a way and works with fear as a means of pressure. If the allegations are confirmed, I don’t know whether Hörmann is still acceptable. I had wished beforehand that he would not continue in his office. ”

By this, Melzer means the handling of the Olympic application for 2032. Melzer: “His attitude was opaque. We were totally disappointed because he never publicly acknowledged us, the German application. ”In February, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) under the leadership of German President Thomas Bach selected the Australian applicant Brisbane for 2032.

There are also Hörmann’s defenders. Michael Geiger (56), President of the German Table Tennis Association, says to BILD: “When it comes to anonymous allegations, I am always careful first. I think it is strange how judgments are spoken here by some of the same people. Someone is pilloried whose wrongdoing has not been proven. For something like that we have an ethics committee and the committees and processes in which the whole thing can be examined from several sides. Now the facts on which the allegations are based must first be clarified. ”

About the criticized DOSB boss Geiger says: “In dealing with him I experience him as very goal-oriented, he is a leader and has assertiveness, which you definitely need in this position. I think the cooperation in the committees is positive, the interaction is objective and constructive. “

What is it about the allegations?

According to BILD information, many DOSB employees are actually dissatisfied and shocked about the appearance of the CSU politician from the Allgäu. But is that enough for Hörmann to be dismissed? Internally, Hörmann is combative. According to the association’s statutes, the ethics committee should now examine the allegations. It is not yet clear whether this will happen. One thing is certain: criticism of the president is growing.


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