Cristiano Ronaldo: This photo is football madness

It is the return to his first great love …

Cristiano Ronaldo (36) joins Manchester United from Juventus Turin. To the club that was always in his heart and made him a world star. What sounds like a cheesy love story has become a reality. ManUnited fans still can’t believe it. CR7 is coming back! And how! Now there are the first photos of the world star in the new Red Devils jersey.

He shines, proudly presents the club’s coat of arms, laughs at the camera with his white teeth. Ronaldo is back! And now wears the jersey of his new, old club for the first time for photos. The fans’ hearts should open up! CR7 red again! Only the question of the shirt number has not yet been fully clarified. Because Edinson Cavani (34) actually has number 7. Actually. It seems certain that ManUnited will give the returning superstar “his” 7, which has since become his trademark. And one thing is certain: this jersey will be an absolute bestseller. Because it is the piece of cloth that seals a love story.

Review: Ronaldo returns to the island with a posting that couldn’t be nicer for the club and the fans. The photo shows the young CR7 in the ManUnited jersey, celebrating and cheering in front of the stands. He writes: “Everyone who knows me knows about my never-ending love for Manchester United. The years that I have spent in this club have been absolutely great and the path we have walked together is written in gold letters in the history of this great institution. “

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And he looks back: “My first national league, my first cup, my first appointment to the Portuguese national team, my first Champions League, my first golden shoe and my first Ballon d’Or, they are all a result of this special connection between me and originated from the Red Devils. History was written in the past and history is being written again! You have my word! I’m here! I’m back where I belong! Let’s do it again! “

In the end, what touches all fans the most: “PS – Sir Alex, this is for you …” With that, Ronaldo means Sir Alex Ferguson (79), who was a coach at ManUnited for 27 years, and a particularly close bond to the Portuguese. It is said to have been with whom Ronaldo made a phone call and convinced him to return. ManUnited legend Rio Ferdiand (42): “There was no way Cristiano would have come to Man United if Sir Alex hadn’t spoken to him. It’s that simple. ”The heart

Sir Alex Ferguson (left) and Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 Photo: ANDREW YATES / AFP

In the meantime, it looked as if Ronaldo would switch to city rivals ManCity. At least that’s what transfer insiders reported. The deal was considered to be almost in the bag, but according to the Times, the Guardiola Club took too much time.

Now Ronaldo is back with the Red Devils, where he played from 2003 to 2009 and laid the foundation for an unprecedented career. Here he grew to be a world star – this is where he will (probably) end his career.

A football story with a happy ending …


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