Cristiano Ronaldo: Crazy! He announced his comeback to this colleague in advance

Patrice Evra (40) probably knew it before everyone!

After the sensational return of Cristiano Ronaldo (36) to Manchester United was announced in the evening, many personalities with rank and name commented on the transfer. Among others: Patrice Evra (40). He apparently knew about the superstar’s change before anyone else.

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Evra posted a chat history with his buddy on Twitter, which he saved with “Cr7”. Here he flatters him about a change. Ronaldo writes: “I will play in your club”. He writes that at 11:03 a.m. But only in the evening Man United announced the transfer on Twitter. Means: Evra knew in advance what was going on!

On Ronaldo’s message, the French replied: “Stop laughing brother, I’m not a clown!” To which Ronaldo: “Hahahaha, yes!” Evra’s answer: “I love you so much!”

Evra played from 2006 to 2014 with the “Red Devils” and completed a total of 379 games. Ronaldo and Evra played together at Man United for three years, winning the Champions League in 2008.

Cristiano Ronaldo is back at Manchester United. The five-time Champions League winner Juventus leaves Turin for around 25 million.


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