Covid: work stoppages without a waiting day are abolished

Posted Jan 28, 2023, 12:02 PM

The situation is changing for workers affected by Covid. Exceptional work stoppages, without a waiting day for people who test positive for the coronavirus, will no longer be possible from February 1, according to a decree published on Saturday in the Official Journal. This text “puts an end” to “the issuance of derogatory work stoppages to insured persons who are unable to continue to work, including remotely”.

Created at the start of the health crisis in 2020 “in order to limit the spread of the epidemic”, this system had been extended several times, most recently by the Social Security budget for 2023, which however provided for the end of this measure “ at the latest” at the end of the year.

Less than 16,000 hospitalized patients

The government has therefore decided to bring forward the deadline, while the health situation has improved markedly since the beginning of the year, with less than 16,000 patients currently hospitalized, against nearly 25,000 at the end of December. The number of contaminations has also dropped in one month, from more than 20,000 to less than 5,000 per day on average, according to the Covid Tracker site.

In the event of a positive Covid test, positive people must always isolate themselves for a period of 7 days (vaccinated people) to 10 days (non-vaccinated people). Isolation can be lifted after 5 or 7 days depending on the vaccination status, if the person has not had any symptoms for 48 hours and tests negative.

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