Covid: the government calls on the French to be vaccinated before Christmas

Posted Dec 7 2022 at 17:47

For several days, it was a little music that floated in the air. According to the declarations, it appeared that all French people in contact with people at risk, in particular the elderly, could receive a booster dose of vaccination. Officially, people over 60 or people with comorbidities are invited to receive a new dose, as well as those who are in contact with them.

But does seeing a grandfather or grandmother for New Year’s Eve pave the way for a fourth dose? This Thursday morning, on RTL, the Prime Minister very clearly confirmed that it was possible, and “totally free”. “Everyone has to go there,” added Elisabeth Borne.

This call was confirmed by the government spokesperson, Olivier Véran, at the exit of the Council of Ministers. “We encourage all French people who can to get vaccinated,” he said, when asked about the target audience for the vaccine reminder campaign. In both cases, these calls for vaccination are coupled with an incentive to wear a mask in closed places.

France late on recalls

The government is even more pressing for vulnerable audiences. Indeed, while the epidemic is picking up again and the end-of-year celebrations are an opportunity for population mixing and long meals which encourage the circulation of the virus, only 20% of French people over the age of 80 have received a new dose of vaccine since early October. “We are not at the level”, admitted Elisabeth Borne.

As a reminder, it is possible to be vaccinated at your doctor’s office, in a pharmacy or at a vaccination centre. Many appointments are available online, on Doctolib or Vite Ma Dose. Olivier Véran assured that there were enough doses for everyone. Another reminder, it is possible to be vaccinated at the earliest 3 months after an infection.

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