Covid-19: will we have enough doses for the second injection?

80-90% of adults should be vaccinated “, Regularly repeats Alain Fischer, the chairman of the orientation council of the vaccine strategy. Who indicated, before the Pentecost weekend, to be ” satisfied Of the progress of the vaccination campaign. As of May 25, according to VaccinTracker, 10 million people have been fully vaccinated (15% of French people) and 23 million have received a first injection (around 35%), a new milestone starting on May 31 with the opening to all adults, without restrictions.

► Will there be enough doses for everyone?

The shortage that has long handicapped the campaign is receding: vaccine deliveries are now massive and do not represent, according to the authorities, an obstacle to reaching the next level of 30 million vaccinated in mid-June. At the end of June, France should have more than 76 million cumulative doses, including a majority of Pfizer vaccines (60%), and larger deliveries of Moderna, which can be injected in the city. A high rate of deliveries, which should continue during the summer.

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Confident in the ability to support expanded vaccination, the Ministry of Health affirmed, during a point devoted to the campaign on Tuesday, May 25, that ” the second doses will of course be guaranteed “, while maintaining ” a high level of first-time injections during the summer “. Reassuring words reiterated for the AstraZeneca vaccine: with nearly three million doses in stock, and future deliveries, the second doses, for those over 55, will also be assured.

The ministry also recalled the role of the immunity conferred by a first infection with Covid: once this has occurred for more than three months, a single dose of vaccine is necessary to protect oneself, which will limit the needs. in second doses.

► Can we get vaccinated on vacation?

Another possible difficulty: the gap between the two injections being set at 42 days for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and at 12 weeks for the AstraZeneca vaccines, an injection at the beginning of June will require a second appointment during the holidays of many French people. forcing them to return to their place of residence.

The Ministry of Health has put forward its desire to ” make life easier for the French and prevent them from postponing the first injection by anticipating difficulties in receiving the second “. And confirmed that he was going, for this summer, to allocate additional doses in tourist areas, ” to allow, in a safety net, to receive a second dose if one does not have the possibility to do it in his place of life “.

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Another element that could provide flexibility, the spacing between doses, which could change. A reflection is underway, in connection with the orientation council of the vaccination strategy and the High Authority of health, the ministry in front of ” provide clarifications very quickly ” on the subject.

Beyond the summer, the question of recalls, and therefore of a possible third dose, will arise. Reacting to the call of the boss of Moderna to provide for this third injection at the end of the summer, the Ministry of Health said it was waiting for final scientific recommendations on this point. If it turns out to be necessary, the strategy would be the same a priori, going “ from the most vulnerable to the least vulnerable “.


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