Covid-19: WHO, health pass, vaccination in Africa … The summary of August 30

► WHO fears 236,000 deaths in Europe by December 1

The World Health Organization (WHO) judges ” reliable “ a forecasting projection 236,000 additional deaths from Covid-19 in Europe, from here on December 1 said its regional director. He says he is worried about the recent “Stagnation” the rate of vaccination on the continent.

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“Last week, the death toll in the region increased by 11%, with a reliable projection predicting 236,000 deaths in Europe by December 1” adding to the 1.3 million deaths already caused by the pandemic on the Old Continent, WHO European director Hans Kluge said at a press conference.

Of the region’s 53 member states, 33 reported a more than 10% increase in the incidence of cases over two weeks, he said, while the rate of vaccination has slowed down.

► Teachers, “priority group” for the anti-Covid vaccine

The teachers and school staff should be among the groups priority for vaccination against Covid-19, indicated the European directorates of WHO and Unicef. If three quarters of caregivers in the whole of Europe are vaccinated, in some European countries they are only one in ten, according to the UN organization.

It should “Offer the vaccine against Covid-19 to teachers and other school staff as a target group of national vaccination plans”, wrote the UN institutions in a press release, calling on member states to put in place a vaccination strategy intended to maintain face-to-face teaching.

To allow schools to remain open, the two organizations are also calling for the vaccination of children over 12 with co-morbidities and for the improvement of the school environment (ventilation, distancing, etc.)

► The compulsory health pass for certain employees in France

The establishment of sanitary passhas taken a new step: it becomes compulsory at work for employees in contact with the public in restaurants, cinemas, museums or even on planes and mainline trains, where it was already required for customers. Until November 15, employers will have to check the validity of their staff’s passes. This obligation also concerns the volunteers working in all these places.

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The government spokesperson promised “A week of flexibility, teaching, honing, tolerance”. Corn “There will obviously be sanctions afterwards”, warned the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal.

► France sends 10 million additional vaccines to Africa

The France will send 10 million doses of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines against Covid-19 to Africa, via the African Union (AU), over the next three months, the Élysée announced.

This partnership between Paris and the AU provides that these doses “Will be allocated and distributed under the African Vaccine Acquisition Fund (Avat) and the Global Vaccine Access Mechanism (Covax)”, two initiatives intended to allow Africa to try to catch up with its delay in vaccination compared to developed countries.

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In the same vein, United States donated more than 300,000 doses in Congo, according to the WHO. This first delivery is part of the Covax system which aims to supply 20% of the population of nearly 200 countries around the world this year.


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