Covid-19: WHO calls for a moratorium on the third dose of vaccine

A call for vaccine equality. The World Health Organization (WHO) demanded, Wednesday, August 4, a moratorium on the third dose of vaccine against Covid-19 until the end of September. The objective: to make more doses available to States which have been able to vaccinate only a very small part of their population.

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“We urgently need to turn things around: from a majority of vaccines going to rich countries, to a majority going to poor countries”, said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of WHO, at a press conference in Geneva.

A third dose at the start of the school year in France

This reaction comes as some states plan to provide a third dose of vaccine to vulnerable categories of their populations. As of July 30, Israel is already administering an extra dose for its citizens over the age of 60, while Germany plans to start a similar campaign on September 1. In France, Emmanuel Macron announced Thursday, August 5 a third dose at the start of the school year “For the elderly and the most fragile”.

Of the four billion doses injected worldwide, 80% have been distributed to high- and middle-income countries, although they represent less than 50% of the world’s population. The poorest countries have so far received only a tiny part of the serums supposed to reach them thanks to the Covax solidarity device.

In fact, the principle of vaccine equality does not seem to be unanimous. The United States has rejected the WHO’s appeal, believing that there is no choice between vaccinating its population and sharing its stock with poorer states.


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