Covid-19: vaccinees are three times less contaminated according to an English study

While all over the world, the exponential progression of the Delta variant is casting doubt on the effectiveness of vaccination, a study from England gives hope. Carried out by Imperial College London and the Ipsos Mori Institute with more than 98,000 volunteers between June 24 and July 12, it shows that vaccinated people are three times less likely to be tested positive for Covid than those who are not. “These results confirm our previous data, which shows that two doses of vaccine offer good protection against infection”, underlined Prof. Paul Elliott, head of the study.

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Already in May, the first results of an investigation by the Public Health England (PHE) agency estimated that the vaccines had “similar” efficacy against the Delta variant as against the Alpha variant (said English). Provided you have received two doses.

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine would thus prevent symptomatic forms of the disease by 87.9% two weeks after the second injection, against 93.4% against Alpha. If the efficacy appears less good for AstraZeneca, the majority vaccine across the Channel, it remains comparable here too – 59.8% against Delta, 66.1% against Alpha.

Less risk of transmissions

Another reassuring information: according to the study by Imperial College London, the vaccinated, admittedly likely to be carriers of the virus, are still less likely to transmit it. Nevertheless he “There is always a risk of infection, because no vaccine is 100% effective”, warned Professor Elliott. A call for caution, while the number of infections across the Channel has quadrupled since the end of May, says the report, which notes, however, that the progression of the epidemic tends to slow down.

Would the Covid mark time among our neighbors? Difficult to say at this stage, especially since these figures do not take into account the lifting of most of the restrictions, which entered into force on July 19. The government plans to introduce a health pass in September 2021. This must show a complete vaccination – negative tests will not be enough – and will be required at the entrance of busy places, such as discos.

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To date, 73% of the UK adult population is vaccinated. A much lower rate among young people aged 20 to 29, an age group where the virus circulates more actively. By July 22, only 59% of them had received a first dose of the vaccine, according to Public Health England.


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