Covid-19: vaccination obligation, health pass, Guadeloupe … The recap of September 16

► Olivier Véran announces “3,000 suspensions” of unvaccinated health personnel

“Some 3,000 suspensions” were served on health personnel not vaccinated against Covid-19 after the entry into force, Wednesday, September 15, of the vaccination obligation, announced Thursday, on RTL, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.“A few dozen resignations” were also recorded.

“We are talking about an audience of 2.7 million employees”, specified the minister, ensuring that “Continuity of care has been ensured”. According to him, these suspensions concern “Mainly support service staff”, “Very few white coats”.

→ EXPLANATION. What are unvaccinated health professionals at risk?

The vaccination obligation came into force on Wednesday for 2.7 million professionals: hospitals, retirement homes, liberal caregivers, home helpers, firefighters, ambulance attendants. Offenders, who do not justify a first injection, a vaccine contraindication or recent contamination, “can no longer exercise their activity”, according to the law of August 5.

► Emmanuel Macron plans to “lift the pass” in places

What if the health pass had already been lifted? If he remains very careful, Emmanuel Macron promises to think about relaxing the restrictions, starting with the application of sesame. “As soon as the sanitary conditions allow it and, in my opinion, when I see the figures, it will not come so late”, we will be able to “Allow, in the territories where the virus circulates less quickly, to lift certain constraints and to relive normally”, declared the head of state. He said he was ready to “Lift the pass, in the places where it is put, where the virus hardly circulates any more”.

The president, however, refrained from giving a precise timetable, and ruled out any easing of the health pass during the next two to three weeks. Since mid-August, contamination has receded and, more importantly, critical care hospitalizations have in turn started to decline. The situation is “Significantly improved”, also estimated during the day the Minister of Health. “We are not yet in a situation which makes it possible to reduce” the “Epidemic control measures” because “It would be a little too early”, however, he qualified.

► Nearly 50 million masks will soon be distributed to the most vulnerable

The government will distribute nearly 50 million reusable textile masks for “The most fragile French households”, announced the Minister of Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt, on Sud Radio. In total, 7.5 million French people in a precarious situation will receive these masks, washable 50 times.

→ EXPLANATION. End of Covid aid: intermittents, “turkeys of the pandemic joke”?

The distribution of the prizes concerns the beneficiaries of complementary solidarity health or state medical aid. It will take place in October. Several similar operations have already taken place since the start of the health crisis in March 2020.

► Guadeloupe: prolonged and lightened confinement

Initially scheduled until Sunday, September 19, confinement in Guadeloupe will be extended but gradually lightened, announced the prefect, Alexandre Rochatte. “The evolution of our braking measures will depend on thresholds”, he explained.

The first phase of deconfinement – which corresponds in particular to an incidence rate of less than 200 per 100,000 inhabitants and a positivity rate of less than 10 – should be reached on Wednesday, according to the prefect. The curfew will thus be moved back to 8 p.m., against 7 p.m. currently, and travel will again be permitted within a limit of ten kilometers (against five currently). The second phase is expected in early October, and the third and final for the middle of the month.

► China claims to have fully vaccinated more than a billion inhabitants

The Chinese government has claimed to have fully vaccinated more than a billion people, or more than 70% of its population. The most populous country on the planet (1.4 billion inhabitants) has distributed a total of 2.16 billion vaccines as of September 15, announced the spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Mi Feng.

→ ANALYSIS. Covid-19: the thesis of the virus escaped from the laboratory resurfaces

China began at the end of last year to vaccinate its population mainly using two vaccines distributed in two doses by the Sinovac and Sinopharm laboratories. Their efficacy rate is the subject of questions, particularly in the face of more resistant strains such as the Delta variant. Beijing has not yet authorized the marketing of foreign vaccines on its soil.


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