Covid-19: vaccination for 18-49 year olds, injection certificates, Sanofi … The recap of May 27

► Open vaccination for all adults

As of this Thursday, all adults can reserve a vaccination window against Covid-19 for May 31, date of the official opening of vaccination to all adults in France, announced the Minister of Health.

“This new step will not, however, make it possible to meet all the demand from patients”, for his part warned Doctolib in a press release, pointing “A still limited number of vaccine doses, notably Pfizer and Moderna. (…) 28 million adults are eligible for vaccination and not vaccinated to date for an average of 500,000 appointments available each day. “

► Large-scale trials for the Sanofi vaccine

After months of delay, Sanofi is finally starting large-scale trials of its vaccine, the last step before a launch promised for the end of the year. Sanofi and the British GSK, which supplies it with its adjuvant, “Are starting an international phase 3 study to assess the efficacy of their vaccine candidate”, said the French group on Thursday, ten days after the announcement of encouraging results at the end of the first tests.

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These trials will be conducted with some 35,000 people in multiple countries, including the United States. Objective for Sanofi: a launch at the end of 2021, almost a year after the first vaccines approved against Covid-19.

The French laboratory will also assess whether its product works as a booster dose after another vaccine – a way of integrating into vaccination campaigns that could occur regularly in the face of mutations in the virus.

► A website to retrieve your vaccination certificate

Health Insurance announced Thursday the opening of a website allowing people vaccinated to obtain their “Certified vaccination certificates”, which will then be used to activate the French health pass and to travel abroad. To access the site, you must identify yourself with FranceConnect, which already serves as a virtual sesame to many online public services.

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The certificate can then be downloaded and, if necessary, printed. It includes a QR Code to scan, to integrate the vaccination certificate into the TousAntiCovid application. It is also possible to obtain this certificate from your attending physician, or from the health professional who carried out the vaccination.

► Origin of the Covid: Biden demands a report, raises the tone against Beijing

United States President Joe Biden on Wednesday (May 26th) called on American intelligence services to “Redouble efforts” to discover the origin of Covid-19, lamenting Beijing’s lack of cooperation and transparency.

Long dismissed by most experts, the theory of a laboratory accident in Wuhan, China, has come back in force in recent weeks in the American debate. The US president said he expected conclusions within 90 days.

Rejecting the legitimacy of a new investigation in China, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, denounced during a press briefing, “The dark story” of the American intelligence services.


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