Covid-19: the vaccine pass in the Senate, contagiousness of Omicron, schools … The recap of January 11

► The text on the vaccination pass in the hands of senators

After an agitated adoption by the deputies, the Senate, dominated by the right-wing opposition, in turn seized on Tuesday the bill transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass. Senators should vote on it at first reading, but with “Adjustments”.

The examination of the bill in the hemicycle is scheduled until Wednesday, evening included. “The solid majority which will vote it will be vigilant on a certain number of conditions, in particular the defense of freedoms, the limitation in time and the control, always, of the Parliament”, explained the LR president of the Senate Gérard Larcher on France Inter.

→ ANALYSIS. The vaccine pass should pass the Senate stage

Senators have planned to limit the possibility of requiring the presentation of a vaccination pass to people over 18 years of age. Minors aged 12 to 17 would remain subject to the obligation to present a health pass. Another major change to be expected: a mechanism for“Automatic shutdown” the vaccination pass, by which it could only be imposed when the number of hospitalizations linked to Covid-19 would be greater than 10,000 patients nationally, and would automatically disappear below this threshold.

► More than 50% of Europeans affected by Omicron within two months?

Worried about ” tsunami “ of contamination linked to the Omicron variant, the European branch of the World Health Organization estimates that more than half of Europeans could be affected by Omicron within two months, given the current rate of contamination.

WHO Europe Director Hans Kluge pointed out in an online press conference that this variant exhibits mutations “Allowing it to adhere more easily to human cells, and can infect even people who have been previously infected or vaccinated”.

In a statement, a group of WHO experts also warned that fighting the pandemic with booster doses of current vaccines is not a viable strategy, calling in the same text for the development of vaccines that better prevent the transmission.

► The boss of Pfizer announces a vaccine suitable for Omicron ready in March

The CEO of the Pfizer laboratory assured Monday evening that a version of the vaccine adapted to the Omicron variant will be ready if necessary in March, while his counterpart at Moderna mentioned the preparation of a similar vaccine for the fall.

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“I don’t know if we will need it, I don’t know if or how it will be used, but we will be ready. The factory has already started production ”, declared Albert Bourla on the American financial channel CNBC. “We hope to be able to come up with a product that will protect much better against infections in particular, because the protection against hospitalizations and severe cases is quite reasonable with the current vaccines if you have had the third dose”, he explained.

► Hospital stays are shorter with Omicron, says Olivier Véran

Patients stay in hospital for less time and are sent to intensive care less when they are infected with the Omicron variant, which has become the majority in France in recent weeks, reported the Minister of Health Olivier Véran during a hearing before the senators.

→ ANALYSIS. Covid-19: the Omicron variant would be less dangerous because it affects the lungs less

Despite everything, given the heavy circulation of the variant, sick people continue to flow into hospitals, which had a total of more than 22,000 patients on Monday evening, including nearly 4,000 in critical care.

→ EXPLANATION. Doctolib, more essential than ever since the start of the health crisis

► At school, three self-tests will suffice for contact cases, announces Jean Castex

Jean Castex announced Monday evening a relaxation of the health protocol at the school. The first change came into effect on Tuesday: parents will no longer have to pick up their children immediately after they have been declared contact cases, but at the end of the course.

Then, whereas previously, each student identified as a contact case had to immediately undergo a PCR or antigen test, from now on a simple self-test will have to be carried out, which will have to be repeated on D + 2 and D + 4.

Two days before a national strike in education, government spokesman Gabriel Attal defended a measure on Tuesday “Common sense”, when the opposition deplores “Boondoggles” successive, even calls the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer to resign.


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