Covid-19: the United States is preparing to vaccinate children aged 5 to 11

The White House unveiled on Wednesday, October 20 its plan to begin as early as next month the vaccination against Covid-19 of 28 million American children aged 5 to 11 years with the remedy of Pfizer, once the authorization given by health authorities.

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“Our planning efforts mean that we will be ready to start injections within days of a final recommendation,” centers for disease prevention and control (CDC), the US government wrote in a statement. This recommendation is to be issued after an expert committee meeting on November 2-3.

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Earlier, an advisory committee of the United States Drugs Agency (FDA) will review data provided by Pfizer on October 26. If its recommendation is positive, the FDA will give its official green light to pave the way for the CDC.

Enough vaccines for all children

The vaccines will be available in pediatrician offices, pediatric hospitals but also in schools, said the White House. The vaccine packaging has been changed to be easier to use by these small organizations, with packages of ten vials (each containing ten doses). The government will also provide the necessary equipment for the injections, including smaller needles.

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The US government has assured that the US has secured enough doses to immunize all children in this age group.


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