Covid-19: the government acts on its vaccination strategy

It is now a matter of weeks. Prime Minister Jean Castex presented at a press conference on Thursday, December 3, the government’s strategy for the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. It should start from “1er January ”and will take place in three phases according to the recommendations of the Haute Autorité de santé. Thus, the first available doses of vaccine will be reserved for the elderly in nursing homes and in long-term care units, “Or nearly 10,000 establishments”, as well as the older and co-morbid caregivers who work there.

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Once the most vulnerable people have been vaccinated, the campaign will be extended in phase 3 to the “general public”, probably next spring. Vaccination will be left to the free choice of people and free, which represents a budget of 1.5 billion euros for social security.

200 million doses for France

In total, thanks to the six contracts signed to date with laboratories by the European Union, France should be able to benefit from 200 million doses of the vaccine. The first available should be the one that can be stored at – 80 degrees, developed by the American Pfizer. “They have particular constraints but we have equipped ourselves with super-freezers which will allow it to be stored and all the equipment necessary for vaccination”, assured Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health. The vaccine from Moderna, another American company, is expected to arrive shortly thereafter.

To secure a sufficient number of doses, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the Minister of Industry revealed that “The production of these vaccines will be ensured almost entirely on European soil and in particular in France”. Pfizer’s vaccines will be produced in Eure-et-Loir, and those of Moderna in Indre-et-Loire.

“Vaccination will not put an end to wearing a mask”

The professor of immunology Alain Fischer, named president of the “orientation council of the vaccine strategy” in charge of advising the government, recalled the known properties of these vaccines. “Effective against severe forms” as the uncertainties concerning them “On their ability to stop the transmission of the disease”. This is one of the reasons why “ the vaccination will not put an end to wearing a mask and barrier gestures ”, has already decided the Minister of Health.

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“For this vaccination to be effective, trust must be established, and this trust cannot be a vertical injunction from state authorities”, insisted Professor Fischer. The treating physicians will therefore be on the front line to win the support of their patients.

Pre-vaccination consultations organized

Moreover, preliminary consultations for vaccination will be organized. “For priority people”. The objective will be to take stock of the person’s state of health, inform them about the vaccine and obtain their consent. The first injection “Could take place in the wake”, then it will take “Wait 3 weeks for the recall”, said Olivier Véran.

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But what will really give the starting signal of this vaccination campaign is the marketing authorization for vaccines granted by the EMA, the European Medicines Agency. This should take place before December 29 for Pfizer’s vaccine. “It is the essential guarantee to be vaccinated”, said Prime Minister Jean Castex.


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