Covid-19: the fight against false health passes is intensifying, at the time of the vaccine booster

In the eyes of Medicare, Mona (1) received three doses of Pfizer. As evidenced by his health pass, a document that is most official, with his name, his Social Security number, and a QR Code allowing him to go wherever he wants. However, the young woman has never been vaccinated against Covid. It is a nurse, contacted this summer via the Snapchat social network, who delivered the sesame to him, against 250 €. “She was assigned to the Stade de France vaccination center in Saint-Denis. She asked me to send her a picture of my Vitale card and the money in cash. A few days later, I went to collect my pass at the vaccination center ”, Mona says.

A fake health pass by paying € 150 to € 400, depending on the number of doses we have allegedly received. It has become a common offer on Snapchat, where new counterfeit accounts appear every day. “Some people advertise as a ‘story’ (a photo or video message visible for 24 hours by users, Editor’s note), others address themselves directly to you by private message », Mona reports. These fraudulent practices could take on a new scale at the time of the vaccine booster, and when the deactivation of the health pass has begun for those over 65 years of age whose last injection dates back more than seven months.

110,000 false health passes detected in France

Contacted by The cross, one of these salesmen explains that he has access, thanks to a doctor, to the Sivac platform, the teleservice on which the practitioners record each vaccination. Impossible, he said, to be unmasked by the authorities, since “It’s done from a health professional account, going through the legal process”.

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About 400 investigations are said to be underway to dismantle these “Networks of false passes”, “sometimes unfortunately in connection with health professionals”, indicated Gérald Darmanin, on December 12, recalling that the penalties incurred by the organizers are “Extremely strong, five years in prison”. “There were more than a hundred arrests “As part of these investigations, he announced Thursday, December 16 on France 2. About 110,000 false health passes have already been detected in France, according to the entourage of the Minister to AFP.

The caregivers involved are also at risk of “Disciplinary proceedings against orders (which) can go as far as the definitive ban on exercising”, warns the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam). With the police and justice services, it launched criminal proceedings against 61 health professionals “Having entered false information” and against one hundred beneficiaries of fraudulent certificates.

Find the needle in the haystack

According to Nicolas Baudelot, this could only be the tip of the iceberg. “Unless you take a blood test to see if the person has antibodies, and again, this would not be irrefutable proof, there is no way of knowing if they have been vaccinated.”, raises the founder of Medicalib, a platform connecting patients and nurses at home.As for the caregivers, “Some people do ten injections per hour in the vaccine park, how do you know if in the batch, everyone has indeed performed all the injections? “

To find the needle in the haystack, Medicare is not without resources. “We use statistical analysis techniques in the database which centralizes all the immunization monitoring information, do we tell The cross. Objective: to identify “Anomalies”. We won’t know which ones.“To say more about our detection methods would amount to informing fraudsters on how to bypass them”, answers the Cnam.

For Nicolas Baudelot, another subject should attract the attention of the authorities: that of “Repented” of the false sanitary pass. “This summer, many people contacted us to provide them with a fake pass for a fee. But for some time, it is the opposite: people who have a fake certificate want to be vaccinated for good. The problem is that they don’t know how to go back to legality ”, underlines the business manager, for whom solutions should be offered to them, “As it exists for tax repentants”.


“Doctors are not there to judge but to treat”

After the death, at Garches hospital, of a patient with a false health pass, Professor Michael Darmon, resuscitator at Saint-Louis hospital, in Paris, recalls the importance of informing doctors of their true immunization status. “We are not here to judge patients, but to treat them. However, claiming to be vaccinated when you are not has consequences for care. If the patient is already in intensive care, this will not change much, because to my knowledge there is no specific treatment at this stage. But before that, patients have the opportunity to benefit from monoclonal antibodies, which are given to people at risk of severe forms to avoid resuscitation. “


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