Covid-19: the effectiveness of vaccines on variants, the masks are starting to fall off, concert-test … The recap of May 18

► Pfizer and Moderna effective against the Indian variant?

Moderna and Pfizer / BioNTech’s vaccines are expected to be effective against the Indian variant of the coronavirus, according to preliminary work by American scientists and made public on Monday, May 17. This research has yet to be validated by peers before being published in a scientific journal.

“We concluded that the antibodies produced by the vaccines are somewhat weakened against the variants, but not enough to suggest that this will have a great effect on the protection conferred by the vaccines”said Nathaniel “Ned” Landau, lead author of the study. On the other hand, the researchers do not rule out that more resistant variants emerge in the future.

► The masks fall outside in three departments

La Creuse and L’Ardèche, whose incidence rates do not exceed 100 per 100,000 inhabitants, have chosen to no longer make the mask compulsory everywhere outdoors, from Wednesday in Ardèche and Thursday in Creuse. It will be allowed to remove it in low-traffic areas, but it will remain compulsory in certain areas, in particular covered markets.

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In Charente-Maritime, where the incidence rate is only 45, the measurement is identical but is restricted to certain municipalities, such as Saint-Jean-d’Angély or Royan. Conversely, La Rochelle and Saintes do not see any restriction being lifted on the wearing of a mask.

► The Indochina test-concert still lacks volunteers

There are still 5,000 people missing for the Indochina test-concert on May 29, at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, Malika Séguineau, general manager of Prodiss, the national union of musical and variety shows, said Tuesday on franceinfo. co-organizes the event with the AP-HP. The experiment consists of forming two groups drawn at random – one of 5,000 people, who will go to the concert in accordance with a sanitary protocol, the other of 2,500 who will not – and to study the contaminations in the areas. days that follow.

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The organizers are counting on 20,000 volunteers to be drawn and therefore expect 5,000 additional people to be made available. “It’s not just a participation on May 29, you have to commit to participating in this clinical experience until the end. Seven days after the demonstration, a test must be returned ”, said Malika Séguineau.

► Childhood vaccination, “maybe” but “not right away”, says Véran

Vaccination of under-18s against Covid-19 will be done ” perhaps “ But ” not immediately “, Minister of Health Olivier Véran said on BFMTV on Monday. “‘Not immediately’, because, first of all, we have to vaccinate adults and we still have a certain number of tens of millions of French people to vaccinate”, he detailed. “And then it’s ‘maybe’, because health authorities believe it might be necessary, at least down to the age of 12. “

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He said he was optimistic about the effect of vaccination of over 18s on hospitalization figures. “In the next two to three weeks, we will free up sheave beds (…). Whatever happens, we will have fewer intensive care patients ”, he projected.

► The EU passes the 200 million doses administered barrier

At least 200.11 million doses of vaccines have been administered to about 148 million people in the 27 of the European Union, according to a count made Tuesday, May 18 by AFP. This represents 33.2% of the EU population having received at least one dose. At least 52.90 million people are fully vaccinated, or 11.8% of the population.

In France, 29.63 million doses were administered to 20.66 million people, or 30.6% of the population. Among them, 9.13 million people are fully vaccinated (13.5% of the population). Germany has administered at least one dose to 36.8% of its population, and 11.1% of Germans are now fully vaccinated. The EU, a crucial center of global vaccine production, has exported roughly as many doses of vaccines manufactured on its soil as it has kept for itself.

► GSK-Medicago: positive results for the vaccine candidate

The British laboratory GSK and the Canadian bio-pharmaceutical company Medicago announced Tuesday, May 18, positive intermediate results from a clinical trial for their candidate vaccine against Covid-19. “These results are part of ongoing phase 2 and 3 trials and reiterate the promising profile observed during phase 1”, note the two groups in a joint statement.

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GSK is also trying to develop, with the German CureVac, a messenger RNA vaccine against the new variants, with the hope of being ready for 2022, and is developing another vaccine candidate with the French laboratory Sanofi, of which the first results are encouraging.


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