Covid-19: skeptical about the lifting of patents, the EU urges the United States to export its vaccines

The Europeans say they are ready to study the American proposal but believe that it will not solve the current difficulties.

Do you want to lift patents on anti-covid vaccines in order to increase global production? We are ready to study your proposal. But start by exporting your vaccines!This is in substance the firm message that the EU sent to Washington on Saturday, when the Twenty-Seven gathered for two days in Porto. A sharper and more unified position than those of the capitals Thursday, taken aback by the turnaround of the Biden administration on the lifting of patents. Washington had warned Brussels just before making its announcement.

If they remain very skeptical about the short-term effectiveness of a lifting of patents, there is no question for the Europeans to sweep the American proposal and to let Joe Biden arrogate to himself the beautiful role. “The Americans set us up. They want to appear as the leaders of the free world», Loose a diplomat. During their dinner on Friday evening, the Twenty-Seven therefore made the choice to be open to

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