Covid-19: six tips for getting a vaccination window within 24 hours

All French people aged 18 to 49 without comorbidity can, since May 10, obtain a vaccination slot the day before for the next day, by benefiting from the unexpired doses. But the enthusiasm for these “chronodoses” has been such that most Internet users have not been able to find an available niche.

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How many doses are available? For Seine-Saint-Denis, of the 30,000 doses of vaccine administered per week, 5 to 10% would be unused doses, to be used up within the next 24 hours, explains the Departmental Council. The Ministry of Health, Olivier Véran, also recently explained that 15,000 to 20,000 doses were made available every day. Here are some tips to optimize your chances of getting a date on a platform.

► Activate notifications on Vite Ma Dose

The Vite Ma Dose application, which lists the slots offered by the appointment booking platforms, allows you to receive a notification each time the vaccination center of your choice adds a slot for 18-49 year olds without comorbidity. The technique is not infallible, since Vite Ma Dose reminds that the displayed data can be up to 30 minutes behind Doctolib. But many people have managed to get vaccinated through this.

► Stay logged in on your account

To reserve a free time slot when you manage to find one on a platform like Keldoc or Doctolib, you are asked to connect to your account. By the time you enter your username and password, the appointment is often already booked. By “logging in” to the platform even before starting your search, the chances of success increase significantly.

► Install an automatic miter cooler

To have a chance to get vaccinated, careful monitoring is often necessary. There are extensions on the Internet that allow you to automatically refresh a tab, at shorter or shorter intervals. Obtaining a chronodose being above all a matter of speed (a few seconds are often enough for a niche to find a taker), the maneuver can make it possible to take the appointment as soon as it is put online. In the screenshot above, the Tab Auto Refresh extension is inserted at the top right of the browser.

Here, for example, the page of a vaccination center from 18e arrondissement of Paris will refresh every 15 seconds.

Covid-19: six tips for getting a vaccination window within 24 hours

Better yet, if you have the Firefox browser: since Tuesday, May 18, there is an extension that can do all the work. By downloading, then connecting to Doctolib, a new “add to my list” function appears for each vaccination center offered by the platform. Once the center has been added, it will appear in the extension, at the top right of the screen, and then it will suffice to check the “reserve automatically” box for the extension to check for itself the available slots. in selected centers. If a free time slot is found, a tab will automatically open and all you have to do is confirm the appointment.

Covid-19: six tips for getting a vaccination window within 24 hours

► Avoid periods of influx

Logically, the greater the number of Internet users looking for a dose, the lower the chances of obtaining a niche. Many Internet users have said in recent days that they have finally managed to find a niche by searching late in the evening, around midnight, when the number of people connected decreases.

► Target the right vaccination centers

Large vaccination centers experience a higher dose flow, and are therefore likely to offer more remaining doses. Some vaccination centers also seem to release slots at fixed times each day, as evidenced by this user on Twitter.

► Call the centers directly

Going through the booking platforms is the most conventional and the safest method. But appointments can also be made by phone, through town halls or through the numbers set up by the departments.

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