Covid-19: “Since I have been vaccinated, my family has agreed to see me again”

“And you, which one did you get?” “, “Must say, it was still super well organized”… After the virus, the sick and the dead, vaccines against Covid-19 monopolize conversations, from shipping to the vaccinodrome to more or less informed advice to limit possible side effects.

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“While we have talked a lot about anti-vaccines, the campaign has finally rather reassured the French, argues Serge Guérin, professor in the health department of the Inseec group and specialist in seniors. We see grandparents who calm the debate, who tell about their vaccination with a “pioneer” side, and grandchildren proud to publish photos on the social networks of their grandpa and grandpa, sticking plaster on their arm! “

Relatives less anxious

One of the underestimated side effects of vaccination does indeed appear to be relief. Marie-Paule, retired from La Poste, admits to having “Less apprehension” when an acquaintance stops a little too close to chat while shopping. Michele, grandmother and two doses of Pfizer to her credit, does not hide that it is especially her children and grandchildren that her vaccination has given pleasure. “I could tell they were relieved. Some, who refused to see me before, finally accept, she smiles without resentment. For me, nothing has changed on a daily basis. But, on the other hand, the way I look at me has changed: I am no longer that kind of weight, of “granny anguish”. “

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For families, thanks to vaccination, “The moral dilemma between seeing the grandparents and risking infecting them is reduced, confirms Serge Guérin. The elderly, who have been portrayed as vulnerable during this crisis, are reclaiming their place in the family and in society. With in addition the feeling of accomplished civic duty, to participate in the efforts against the epidemic ”. Tired of being considered “Fragile people”, the seniors interviewed did not forget that it is ” for them “, they say, that France has confined itself. And once protected against Covid-19, they are ready to resume their activities.

A survey, carried out by the Recherches & Solidarités network in January among 1,650 volunteers over the age of 50, already showed that 70% of them wanted to be vaccinated to resume their activities. “At the height of the health crisis, we saw fewer seniors, whose voluntary commitment is important, whether by personal decision or because of a request from associations who feared for their health”, we remind France Bénévolat. From now on, the return of these volunteers is trickling down.

A relaxation of barrier gestures?

However, no question of dropping the masks. I take great care to maintain barrier gestures all the time, says Armel, an IT executive. I can imagine how lucky I am to be vaccinated and, although I am a little less worried, I am still afraid of infecting others. “ Marie, nursing assistant in Metz, notes a relaxation “In a minority of patients”. “However, it is not because we are vaccinated that we are saved! “, she recalls. She herself kept the extension cords on the dining table to maintain distances, and “In the hospital, the way out of the crisis will be very long, with patients who have been in intensive care since last November”.

→ ANALYSIS. Deconfinement, release without spoiling everything

“Only the combination of vaccination and barrier gestures will allow us to reduce the epidemic and therefore hospital pressure”, confirms Judith Mueller, epidemiologist and teacher at the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health, which is preparing a study on the observance of barrier gestures in vaccinated people.

Certain actions, such as hand hygiene, have been well integrated into daily life and are no longer really perceived as restrictive, she believes. Others remain more difficult and we note a certain fed up. ” With her octogenarian nonchalance, Michele recognizes that the beard is, “This thing that we put on half of the face when we have just made ourselves beautiful”. But she keeps wearing it, “Out of respect for others”.


The upcoming vaccination schedule

From May 10. Opening of vaccination to all people over 50, in vaccination centers. The AstraZeneca vaccine and therefore vaccination in the city remain reserved for over 55s for the moment.

From May 12. Vaccination opens for everyone over 18, only on slots not filled in the evening or the next day.

From June 15th. Opening of vaccination for over 18s without restriction.

To come up. Deployment of the Moderna vaccine among general practitioners, first in the territories where the South African and Brazilian variants circulate.


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