Covid-19: simplified health protocol for nursing home residents from May 19

On May 19, nursing homes will have to relax their constraints linked to the health crisis to “Make the freedom to come and go the rule and restrictive measures the exception”, in the words of Brigitte Bourguignon, Minister Delegate in charge of autonomy.

The protocol published Wednesday, May 12, which largely reproduces that already published in March, is intended as a reminder for certain establishments where security measures are sometimes maintained for ease or lack of means.

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On May 4, the Defender of Rights issued a very critical report, noting “ infringements of fundamental rights, respect for the dignity and integrity of the people received ”.

Room visits and family return

Visits to collective spaces and rooms must be guaranteed for all residents who are not in contact or positive cases. External visitors must continue to present a negative test or a vaccination certificate. Departures of residents to their families will be authorized, with a PCR test on return for unvaccinated seniors and a limitation of contacts but ” which must not lead to isolation in a room “.

Collective activities can resume in small groups, accompanied by regular screening for unvaccinated residents. Barrier gestures must be maintained and contact cases isolated.

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Restrictions may be taken from three cases in the establishment, and no longer just one. “As soon as a person is positive, all residents and professionals, including those vaccinated, must be tested”, indicates text that underlines “The ethical issue” vaccination of professionals, otherwise “A return to normal will not be possible”.


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