Covid-19: should we isolate ourselves when we are in contact and vaccinated?

Ask yourself a question “Should we isolate ourselves when we are in contact and vaccinated? “ is like wondering if a vaccinated person can be infected and transmit the virus. According to the website of the Ministry of Health, the answer is unequivocal: “There remains a risk of catching the Covid (…) and transmitting it”, even in a person who has received two doses of the vaccine. The vaccinated must therefore, like everyone else, “Be tested and isolated immediately », For 10 days when they are considered “Contact case” of a person positive for Covid-19, recalls the government.

The efficacy rate of vaccines concerns “severe forms” of Covid

It is now established that even after two doses, vaccination does not protect 100% from contamination. A study published by the Research Directorate (Drees) of the Ministry of Health shows that during the week of June 28 to July 4, 2021, 6% of positive PCR tests were from people who had been vaccinated twice and had contracted asymptomatic or symptomatic forms of the disease. Covid-19.

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The efficacy rates put forward by the laboratories – 94% for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines according to real-life trials – only concern “Severe forms” of Covid, as their studies indicate. “There is a gradation in the protection of vaccines », Explains Jean-Daniel Lelièvre, head of the infectious diseases department at Henri-Mondor hospital in Créteil. While the rates of protection are very high for severe forms of the coronavirus regardless of the variant, “It is estimated, for example, that vaccines protect only 50% of the non-serious symptomatic forms of Covid linked to the Delta variant”, details the doctor.

Nothing guarantees that a vaccinated person is not contagious

There is currently no data that allows us to know to what extent vaccines protect asymptomatic forms of Covid19, nor how well they mitigate contagiousness.“It also means that if you catch the Covid when you are vaccinated, there is a good chance that it is an asymptomatic form, therefore which cannot be seen but which can be transmitted, explains Professor Lelièvre. This is why it is important to isolate yourself when you are in contact, even if you have no symptoms and that you are vaccinated, to protect others. “

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For now, isolation is not ” obligatory ” strictly speaking when it is a contact case, but it is very strongly recommended by the protocols of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor. The draft health bill proposed to make isolation compulsory for people positive for Covid-19, whether or not they are vaccinated. According to the media Politico and Context who were able to consult it, the quarantine checks could be carried out randomly by the police, with a risk of a fine in the event of non-compliance. But according to The Parisian, this measure could finally be excluded from the bill which will be examined from Tuesday, July 20 in the National Assembly.


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