Covid-19: sharply rising mortality in Guyana

“Guyana had never recorded so many deaths and admissions in intensive care” since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, alerted the epidemiological bulletin of Public Health France (SPF) on Friday. In the last seven days, “21 Guyanese have succumbed to Covid-19, a figure never reached” for its part, underlined the ARS, Friday, in its daily bulletin.

An increase in Covid pediatric hospitalizations has been observed for 3 weeks, under 20s represent 9% of hospitalizations, double their rate in 3e wave according to SPF.

The risk of “sorting out patients”

On the other hand, if the number of hospitalizations reached the level of the peak of the 3e wave last week like the previous one, it is still below the peak of the first wave. The delta variant was suspected in 99% of positive tests screened last week.

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Under strong tension from part of the population and healthcare staff opposed to compulsory vaccination, the management and department heads of the three hospitals in the region, where 130 patients are currently admitted for Covid-19, including 31 severe cases, on Wednesday before the press against the general risk of “Sorting of patients”.

Low vaccination rate among caregivers

At the Cayenne hospital center, according to its director Christophe Robert interviewed Friday by AFP: “52.4% (of staff) are vaccinated with at least the first dose, which allows them to be kept in their post, including 96.1% for doctors and interns, 52% for nurses, 40% for assistants. caregivers, 23% for hospital service workers. “

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“I’m trying to understand why people don’t want to be vaccinated when we are in increasingly severe waves” expressed Wednesday on the channel “Guyane La 1D Didier Guidoni, director of the Saint-Laurent du Maroni hospital on the border with Suriname, an area where the incidence rate rose from 331 to 555 last week (+ 68%).

In this territory of 300,000 inhabitants, where one inhabitant in two is under 25 years of age, vaccination is still struggling with “30.5%” people with a complete vaccination schedule in those over 12 years old according to official data. It is the lowest vaccination coverage of the French regions, with Guadeloupe.

More than 250 deaths since the start of the epidemic

“30% of the adult population is sure not to be vaccinated” indicated the latest study by the Institut Pasteur in Guyana, explaining this situation by the “Lack of confidence in local authorities” and in ” the vaccine “, and by a feeling of “Protection” acquired during previous waves of Covid-19.

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Overseas Minister Sébastien Lecornu arrived in Guyana on Friday afternoon (Paris time minus 5). He was to go to Cayenne hospital on Saturday to ascertain the situation and send a message to the attention of caregivers.

The authorities have recorded more than 250 deaths linked to Covid-19 in Guyana since the start of the pandemic, a quarter of which in the past 45 days.


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