Covid-19: sharply on the rise, screening tests are back to their pre-reimbursement level

More than a million more tests were performed last week, compared to the previous seven days. A marked increase, of the order of 39%.

This is a massive increase, which accompanies the strong epidemic rebound observed in France. From November 22 to 28, the number of Covid-19 detection tests validated by a health professional increased by more than a million compared to the previous week, according to data from the Directorate of Research, Studies, of evaluation and statistics (Drees). In total, more than four million samples were counted, half of which were antigenic, an increase of 39% over one week, the same rate as over the previous seven days.

The lull was short-lived. Two symbolic levels are crossed: that of four million for tests in general, and that of two million for antigenic tests. The daily number of validated withdrawals also exceeded the 500,000 mark almost every day of the last week, reaching 785,000 on Friday. The increase in demand is also pushing the number of direct debits back above their pre-delisting levels in mid-October. Total tests even return to the level of mid-September.

The number of tests is increasing in all age categories, and the increase is “very strong¬ĽAmong 0-25 year olds. The tests of young people under the age of 15 also represent “a higher proportion of positives than in previous ones“Waves, notes the Drees, with more than 500 per 100,000 inhabitants, or”43% more than the previous maximum“, Dating from April 2021. The maximums for the other age groups are,”comparable to what they were in previous waves“.

After several weeks of marked decline, between August and early November, the number of tests therefore started to rise again. A movement that accompanies the fifth epidemic wave, which reached worrying proportions in France at some time around the end of the year holidays.

Many political actors are calling on the government to reverse the end of free samples, in this degraded health context. This is particularly the case of Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc M√©lenchon, or Renaud Muselier, who pleaded for a reimbursement granted for individuals “on the way to vaccination“. The fact remains that for the overwhelming majority of French people, samples are still taken care of, whether it concerns the 51 million individuals with a complete vaccination schedule or the 9.4 million minors aged 0 to 11 years old, for example.


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