Covid-19: Olivier Véran is considering an early end to the vaccine pass

The worst of the 5th wave of Covid-19“is behind us”said Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, on the evening of February 2. “Across the country, we have passed the peak of contamination. We are reaching the peak of hospitalizations. »

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Asked about the vaccination pass, which came into force at the end of January and whose lifting is enshrined in the law for next July, the Minister declared: “The vaccination pass will come to an end, and given the current epidemic dynamics, it is likely that this end will be well before July. Unless there is bad news. »

A vaccination pass easier to obtain

The Minister of Health has also announced a relaxation of the conditions for obtaining the vaccination pass. “You will keep the benefit of the vaccination pass” if “you have had one injection and two infections, or two injections and one infection (whether the latter occurred before the injections, between the two injections or after), or three injections”said Olivier Véran.

But people who have had only one dose of vaccine and a single infection must absolutely receive a 2nd dose within four months of the previous exposure to the virus, detailed the minister.

Olivier Véran recalled that 7 million people currently risk losing their vaccination pass on February 15 if they do not take a booster dose. And even taking into account people infected with Omicron, that would still be 4.7 million people, he insisted.


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