Covid-19: mourning Peru, renowned variants, the approved Chinese vaccine … The summary of June 1

► New names for the Covid-19 variants

Alpha, Beta, Delta… The World Health Organization has decided to opt for Greek letters to designate the variants of the coronavirus, rather than using geographical names (“Indian variant”, “English variant”, etc. ). The body wants the media and politicians to do the same, in order to avoid stigmatizing the populations living where the most virulent variants originate.

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► Peru, the country where the Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the hardest

Following the recommendations of experts, Peru reassessed Monday, May 31, the number of its nationals who died from Covid, dropping its toll from 69,000 to 180,000 victims. The country now has the highest number of deaths with 5,484 deaths per million inhabitants.

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Until now, health authorities have only taken into account deaths for which a test confirmed the disease. From now on, people who meet seven technical criteria will be identified, including proven contaminations, but also “Probable cases presenting an epidemiological link with a confirmed case”.

Before, Hungary was the most affected country in proportion to its population, with 3,077 deaths per million inhabitants, according to AFP’s tally.

► France is expecting “only” 28 million doses of vaccine in June

France expects around 28 million doses of vaccine received during the month of June, less than the 32 million expected according to the latest forecasts, due to a drop in deliveries of the Janssen vaccine to Europe, said Tuesday. 1er June the Ministry of the Economy. “This revision does not call into question our vaccination objectives for June 15 (30 million first injections), nor the vaccination campaign”, relativized Bercy.

The latest forecasts were based on a total since the first deliveries in December of 76.7 million doses received at the end of June for the four vaccines authorized in Europe. This total will therefore be reduced by around 4 million.

► Lower prices for Covid screening tests in France

The rates for PCR and antigen tests, paid by Health Insurance directly to medical biology laboratories and liberal health professionals, decrease from 15% to 30% as of Tuesday 1er June, according to two decrees published in Official newspaper.

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The Covid-19 screening tests remain 100% covered by the Social Security, with no advance on costs for the patients, but the price paid to caregivers is once again reduced. For a result delivered in less than 12 hours, the Social Security now reimburses € 33.75 (to which is always added the “Pre-analytical package” € 5.40), according to a first decree published on Sunday May 30. The prices of antigen tests carried out by nurses, midwives and physiotherapists are also reduced from 19% to 28% depending on the place of sampling, according to a second decree published on 1er June.

► WHO approves Sinovac, the Chinese anti-Covid vaccine

The WHO has given its emergency approval to the Chinese anti-Covid vaccine Sinovac, the UN agency said in a press release. The WHO vaccine expert committee has recommended this vaccine, which requires two doses at two to four week intervals for people 18 years of age and older.

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The effectiveness of Sinovac is 57% to prevent symptomatic Covid cases but 100% to avoid the most serious cases and hospitalizations, on the populations studied, specifies the WHO. Effectiveness for those over 60 years of age could not be assessed.

► Israel eases health restrictions but remains closed to travelers

The Hebrew state, which has carried out a mass vaccination campaign, remains closed to non-nationals, except for those with exemptions for compelling professional or family reasons. A fortnight, which ends only after the completion of a serological test proving sufficient vaccination or immunity, is imposed on all travelers arriving in the country. Inside the country, the daily’s last restrictions have almost all been lifted.


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