Covid-19: in the Yvelines, a “vaccybus” to speed up reminders

In the fog that shrouded Louveciennes that morning, its candy pink hood shimmered. Posted in front of the town hall, the “vaccybus” – with a Y, like Yvelines – welcomes its first patient of the day, Gaëlle. A resident of Bougival, the neighboring town, she heard about this traveling vaccination operation on social networks. “On Doctolib, there were no appointments before March or April”, says this forty-year-old, whose second injection dates back six months. While the vaccination pass could come into effect in a few days, she is doing this 3and dose for “to be protected, but above all to remain free”.

Against “holes in the racket”

Since December 2, 2021, two vaccination buses have been circulating in Yvelines. Although the department has 14 vaccination centres, there are still “holes in the racket”. “We are targeting two types of population: those who would like to be vaccinated but are prevented from doing so because they cannot find slots or cannot travel; and those who still doubt. Coming down from their house can tip them over”, explains Carine Bryselbout, who manages the system for the department.

If rural municipalities and priority neighborhoods are targeted first, the bus also stops in more prosperous towns like Louveciennes, where vaccination slots are taken by storm. “Our two pharmacies provide vaccinations but they are in high demand”, assures the mayor, Marie-Dominique Parisot (DVD). “Between November 30 and December 18 alone, they gave 2,000 injections, they run out of steam. » And the deadlines are getting longer.

Grandmother of an 8-year-old girl with heart problems, Pepita didn’t want to wait any longer. “And then, I’m a cook in a crèche, I have to be vaccinated to work. Well, anyway, I’m for vaccines, she continues. My husband is responsible for maintenance in the Ehpad just opposite. During the first wave, 30 residents died. Those poor people that we put in sacks… He’s still traumatized by it. »

Patients “a little upset”

If the registrants of the day appreciate that the vaccination “comes” to them, Christine Parpaite, one of the vaccinators, feels that some patients are “a little upset”. “The dynamic is no longer the same as for the first dose, testifies this nurse in maternal and child protection. “People are a bit fed up, confirms Carine Bryselbout. They tell us “we agreed to play the game, and here we are”. »

→ INVESTIGATION. Unvaccinated, the choice of a life on the fringes

This is the case of Marie-Josée, 80, all the less ready as she suffered from cardiac arrhythmia after her two injections of Pfizer. The link may not be proven, she worries. “And then the vaccine is not everything. A doctor friend of mine had received three doses, well he caught it anyway! », does she raise. “Right now, we hear that all day,” confides the team doctor, Édith Leneveu, who will still manage to reassure Marie-Josée. “At least I will be able to continue to play golf and go to my walking club, relativizes the octogenarian. Now, we just have to hope that we get out of this mess. »


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