Covid-19: in Seine-Saint-Denis, teens are starting to get vaccinated

In front of the PMI des Érables, Yasmine, 13, awaits her vaccination certificate before leaving. His college contacted his family the day before to offer to come to be vaccinated. Both parents had to download and sign the parental consent form, and ensure that one of them could accompany the child.

“At the beginning, I was not convinced, recognizes Yasmine’s mother. I discussed it with my daughter and other moms in the neighborhood. Above all, the family would like to go to Morocco this summer: “We wanted a change of scenery, and many destinations ask for the vaccine. So we jumped at the chance. ” Yasmine, she admits having ” asked people who had been vaccinated if it was painful before saying yes. “

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On the other side of the tent, the destination is different, but the reason for getting vaccinated is the same: Milza, 15, wants to go to Cape Verde with her dad. His parents, separated, both agreed to sign the form: “ them are vaccinated and they wanted to protect me for the holidays. I already had the Covid and I was very sick: I don’t want it to start again. ” His little brother refused the injection.

“If they are afraid, they will express it”

The staff had to push the walls to install the vaccination course in the PMI. The children’s toys were stacked near the entrance, and one of the nurseries was transformed into a waiting room. Nathalie Herout, doctor of the establishment, receives the future vaccinated to ensure the consent of each. ” I cannot vaccinate the child if he has any fear. If I have any doubts, I can suggest that we meet alone to talk about it. They are teenagers, not little ones: if they are afraid, they will express it. “

Despite the form filled in by the families in advance, she asks for the parents’ consent on the spot. ” The situation has not yet arisen, but if I realize that one of the parents is actually not supportive, I will try to discuss and convince them. Otherwise, I will refer the families to their attending physician for further discussion.In the neighborhoods, we know the families, which makes this kind of process easier, but in the large vaccination centers, it will be more complicated.. “

112 PMI to speed up the vaccination campaign

According to her, “We weigh a tankImportant mental age on teenagers, to whom we often repeat that they are vectors. They may be feeling a little responsible to avoid another wave. Now they will be able to enjoy the holidays without holding back from living. “

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Seine-Saint-Denis, the youngest department in mainland France, relies on its network of 112 SMEs to speed up the vaccination campaign. ” VSThey are places where families usually go for medical consultations and for the vaccination of children ”, explains Stéphane Troussel, the president (PS) of the Departmental Council, who came to greet the staff of the establishment. ” The goal is to always get as close as possible to people, and offer them to go without an appointment, to remove the obstacles to vaccination. In order to win the battle against the virus, the vaccination of adolescents will be crucial for us. “


The time between two injections shortened to three weeks

Until then set at 35 days minimum, the time between the first and the second dose of messenger RNA vaccine will be reduced to 21 days, in accordance with the threshold recommended by the laboratories, announced the Ministry of Health on Tuesday 15. Objective: accelerate the rate of injections, as the school holidays approach and the circulation of the Delta variant poses a risk of epidemic resumption.


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