Covid-19: “I prefer a health pass to a confinement”, says the CEO of Voyageurs du monde

Jean-François Rial defended this device to avoid closing tourist activities already weakened by the health crisis.

Decried by part of the population as political staff, the health pass is nevertheless an effective tool, making it possible to maintain tourist activity despite the progression of the epidemic, according to professionals in the sector. On France Inter, this Saturday morning, the CEO of Voyageurs du monde thus defended this device, believing that it allowed “avoid closing” activities. “I prefer a health pass to confinement», Declared Jean-François Rial.

The implementation of this tool did not limit the trips of foreign tourists, he judged: “that’s not so much the problem“, but the “rush»Reservations observed in May and June have gradually faded, as concerns about the Delta variant have grown. “People […] register less […] and vsthe rush is dropping sharply», Noted Jean-François Rial. At this point there is “no cancellation», But a drop in reservations, therefore.

Voyageurs du monde has observed a similar trend in its activity: since mid-May, bookings “had picked up at an extremely high level, above registrations over the same period in 2019“. But this trend gradually diminished, as the Delta variant spread across the territory, without going so far as to cancellations. Since, “we fell back into a worrying lethargy», Regretted the businessman. Jean-François Rial suggested to travelers looking for places to visit in August to favor departures from Europe, Polynesia, Tanzania or Mexico. “You can go anywhere in the world except Asia“And in the United States, which should welcome again European tourists”in September, October», Declared Jean-François Rial.

The health pass will, in the medium term, jump“For certain activities in France, such as museums and restaurants, when vaccination has progressed, said the boss of VDM. Conversely, injections will become essential to be able to travel, according to him. “SIf you are not vaccinated, you will not be able to travelHe predicted.

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In the campsites, the arrival of the health pass takes place “relatively well

Asked on the same radio, the boss of Unaparel (National Union of campsites and residential leisure parks) estimated that the establishment of the sanitary pass in the campsites, since Wednesday, was happening “relatively well“. Only certain facilities, such as swimming pools or theaters, require the presentation of the pass, but the sector preferred to ask users to present it only once, on arrival at the campsite, allowing them to be “quiet»The rest of their stay there. In addition, the pass controls are “not at all complicated“, Thanks to the TousAntiCovidVérif application, and they are”very fast»: The inconvenience is therefore minor for holidaymakers.

For the time being, establishments are observing “very little”Of cancellations, commented Sylvie Henry. But foreign tourists are still few. The next challenge for campsites will be to manage to vaccinate their staff by the end of August. “It’s a bit surreal», Sighed the representative of Unaparel, stressing that the employees were often young seasonal workers, a population still relatively unvaccinated.

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