Covid-19: how to celebrate Christmas with the family and without risk?

► I have been vaccinated and have contacted someone sick with Covid-19, when should I be tested?

“It all depends on whether or not you live with the sick person”, begins Philippe Amouyel, professor of public health at the Lille University Hospital. The website of the Ministry of Health recalls that after a first test to be carried out immediately, as soon as we learn that we are in contact, fully vaccinated people must perform a second test. “Seven days after the last contact with the confirmed case” Where “Seven days after the recovery of the confirmed case, if one lives under the same roof”.

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For example, “If your spouse is ill, with symptoms, until the 20th, you will have to wait until the 27th to get tested in a laboratory”, illustrates Philippe Amouyel. While waiting for the result, “Isolation is not compulsory”, but a mask must be worn “Including at home”.

► Is it the same if I am not vaccinated?

” No, answers Philippe Amouyel. If the person is not vaccinated or is incomplete, it is imperative to isolate himself until the second test. ” If you live with a sick person until December 20, you also have to wait until the 27th, but by isolating yourself.

► If I am declared positive, what should I do?

“In this case, you have to isolate yourself for 10 days, or more if you still have symptoms such as fever”, explains the professor. In other words, a person who would be screened this Friday, December 17 “Should not, if it were reasonable, join his relatives at Christmas », Especially“There are vulnerable people in his family”, he continues, because the risk of contamination is high.

Is it not possible to still join relatives, but respecting barrier gestures? “There is no exception in terms of health”, he emphasizes.

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► What about the Omicron variant?

Because of its presumed high contagiousness, including in vaccinated people, the Omicron variant should lead everyone to isolate themselves even more. “Whether vaccinated or not, people in contact with a confirmed case of the Omicron variant must isolate themselves until the second test”, confirms Philippe Amouyel.

► If I am neither a contact case nor a positive case, but I want to do a “preventive” test, when should I do it?

Since the Delta variant has a shorter incubation period – three days, compared to five for the “classic” virus – the doctor recommends getting tested for the virus. “December 22 or 23”. At this time, the precise incubation period for Omicron is not known.

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► What recommendations for children?

While the children will be on vacation on the evening of Friday December 17, Philippe Amouyel recommends, ideally, not to take them to too busy places, such as Christmas markets or in front of illuminated windows, but “To keep them at home until December 24” to prevent them from catching the virus.

“The rate of circulation of the virus among 6-10 year olds is very high, they must therefore be protected as much as possible”, he concludes.


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