Covid-19: Gabriel Attal confirms “a break-in week” for the health pass

“It is a new tool for a certain number of professionals”, recognized the spokesperson of the government.

An adjustment period will be well foreseen. Professionals who must apply the health pass at the entrance to their establishments from Monday will have “a week of break-in” for “to appropriate itGovernment spokesman Gabriel Attal confirmed on Friday. Asked, during a trip to Avignon on a possible tolerance the first days in the application of the device, he recalled that Prime Minister Jean Castex had promised in July “one week of running-in in setting up the sanitary pass“.

It is a new tool for a certain number of professionals, they must be able to make it their own“, Explained Gabriel Attal, assuring that the government”do not ignore” the'”impact“Of the past in terms of day-to-day organization,”especially when you are a restaurateur and when you have a large terrace“. “This is an additional constraint, but this constraint makes it possible to guarantee that these places can remain open.“, He argued:”If we didn’t have this tool, we probably would have had to close a number of places”In view of the fourth wave that appeared in July.

Common sense” to the hospital

The government wants to make the hospital “to make a sanctuary vis-à-vis the epidemic,” said Gabriel Attal. “Now, of course, when you have an emergency or when you come to accompany a patient at the end of their life, you will not be asked for a health pass to enter the hospital. It is common sense and it is obviously a humanism which all health professionals demonstrate on a daily basis.“, he added.

He also estimated that the target of 50 million people having received a first dose of anti-Covid vaccine by the end of August should be reached, calling for “continue this vaccine sprint“.

Asked about anti-pass and anti-vaccination events, Gabriel Attal singled out the people who “most sincerely in the world“Of”a very small minority” who is “in a political instrumentalisation of the epidemic, of the health past, sometimes for electoral and media purposes“, which is “irresponsible“. The law extending the health pass to new public places, including restaurants and cafes, and establishing a vaccination obligation for caregivers was published in the Official Journal on Friday, the day after the green light given by the Constitutional Council.


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