Covid-19: end of the mask in public transport and planes from Monday May 16

The list of places where it remains mandatory is shrinking. Wearing a mask will no longer be required in public transport from Monday May 16, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, announced on Wednesday May 11, removing one of the last measures in force in France in the face of the epidemic. of Covid-19.

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“From Monday May 16, the mask will no longer be compulsory in all public transport”, declared Olivier Véran at the exit of the Council of Ministers. The metro, plane, train and bus are affected by the lifting of the measure. Wearing a mask was no longer required since March 14 in most public places.

” Recommended “

However, the measure remains in force in hospitals as well as in health establishments where a pass “sanitary” – separate from the vaccination pass because it also works in the event of a recent negative test – will still be required. An isolation of at least one week will always be imposed after a positive test.

“Wearing a mask is still recommended but is no longer mandatory”he said, judging that this constraint was not “more suitable” as the current wave of Covid-19 is declining sharply in the country.

The mask should also fall on planes from Monday. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced on Wednesday May 11 the lifting of its obligation at airports and on board planes in the EU. “From next week, face masks will no longer need to be mandatory for air travel” in Europe, assured EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky.

Towards a new vaccine booster?

Contaminations and hospitalizations are currently down sharply in France, even if scientists warn that the epidemic is probably not over, especially in the face of the threat of a new variant.

The Minister of Health has also anticipated the risk of a new epidemic wave at the end of the summer. “The most likely scenario (…) is that there will be other variants but probably from Omicron”, said Olivier Véran during the last council of ministers of the Castex government. Hypothetical variants “against which we can fight”he wished to reassure.

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In the event of a new surge in cases and hospitalizations, these new variants of Covid-19 “Perhaps we will be able to ask the question of a booster vaccination in the fall if ever a wave were to emerge”, continued the Minister of Health while indicating that he did not know at this stage whether this fourth dose would concern “all people” or only “vulnerable populations”.

“Take the message: things are looking up. We have acquired all the necessary experience and we have all the tools to fight this pandemic effectively,” declared Olivier Véran, as if to take stock of the two years that have passed since the outbreak of the pandemic. “We are active and we will keep all the necessary security levers so as not to expose ourselves to the risk of epidemic waves.he added. Then we will look with the whole of the international community if new variants should emerge and make us ask other questions. »


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