Covid-19: “Don’t wait to get vaccinated! », Urges the president of Sanofi France

“I hear some people say that they prefer to wait for the vaccine from Sanofi to be vaccinated. (…) Don’t wait, now is the time to get vaccinated! ” Monday, August 9, Olivier Bogillot, president of Sanofi France, launched a message to French people who are waiting for the vaccine from his laboratory to be vaccinated. He especially thanked those who trusted them, but clarified that the vaccine would not arrive “Before several months”.

He recalls that vaccines authorized by health authorities are “Safe and effective” : “They save lives, spare the serious consequences of Covid-19, and slow down its circulation”, and insists that they “Preserve hospitals from a new wave of hospitalizations”.

A reproached delay

While the Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have been on the market for a year, the Sanofi laboratory is facing strong criticism, especially from politicians, for its lack of speed against other groups. Sanofi and other figures in the pharmaceutical world, however, stressed that these delays remain extraordinarily rapid compared to the many years usually required to develop a vaccine.

On Friday March 12, he announced the launch of the first human trials of his second vaccine project against Covid-19, carried out with the American biotech Translate Bio, with which he had signed a cooperation agreement in June 2018.


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