Covid-19: doctors will be able to request a list of their unvaccinated patients

The National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil) has given the green light. Health Insurance will be able to provide private doctors, in a secure manner, with the list of their patients not vaccinated against Covid-19, according to a notice made public Wednesday, July 7.

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The project was demanded by the unions and promised by the government, which wants to strengthen the incentive campaign, while 50% of French people have not yet been vaccinated. Health Insurance should also be able to call unvaccinated patients, provided it targets “Primarily people who do not have attending physicians”. The challenge is to avoid that the same people be contacted several times “, says the CNIL.

Authorization under conditions

“In principle unfavorable to such a practice”, the committee explains that given the exceptional health situation, these actions “Can legitimately be implemented, provided they are surrounded by strong guarantees. The CNIL therefore imposes the immediate deletion of the data at the end of the vaccination campaign. In addition, liberal physicians will have to request the list to receive it. A condition that Alain Rotivel, doctor in the town of Orlénas, near Lyon, fears to be a “Barrier to the deployment of this tool”.

In addition, the Cnil insists that doctors only use this database with the intention of “To inform and sensitize people, and not to try to convince them “. A clarification that the president of the French Union for Free Medicine, Jérôme Marty, considers “Absolutely lunar”. “The CNIL does not have to interfere in the care relationship between the patient and his doctor, he protests. Of course it is a question of convincing. Without forcing anyone, but by making people understand the personal and collective benefits of vaccination. “

“Target people at risk”

The trade unionist recognizes that accessing such a list will be ” an advantage “, but doubts its real significance. “Calling all unvaccinated patients takes time, he supports. But general practitioners can at least target people at risk who have fallen through the cracks and patients who consult little. “

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On this point, Doctor Alain Rotivel joined him. “We are already systematically asking the question in consultation whether people are vaccinated or not, to expose those who are not vaccinated to the interests of vaccination, indicates the general practitioner. It is likely that some, for lack of time, will not ask for the list of unvaccinated. “


4e vague, the government is sounding the alarm

Gabriel Attal called, Wednesday July 7, to “General mobilization” for a “Massive vaccination”, faced with the risk of an epidemic resumption in France. The Delta variant, “Formidable and extremely fast”, “Represents more than 40% of contaminations”, indicated the spokesperson of the government specifying that “Eleven regions see their incidence rate increase”, in particular PACA and Île-de-France. A Health Defense Council is scheduled for Monday, where new measures could be taken.


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