Covid-19: confinement, Christmas holidays, schools, colleges and high schools … What Jean Castex announced

“Do not relax our efforts” but the “amplify”. Two weeks after the start of the second confinement of the population, the executive decided to hold its line in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic. Because it would be “irresponsible” of“Lighten the device”, the rules don’t change “For the next two weeks” at least, Jean Castex said Thursday, during a first progress report delivered to the press at the Ministry of Health, a few hours after the adoption of the arbitrations in the Defense Council.

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Faced with this second wave “Extremely strong”, “non-essential” businesses remain closed, schools, colleges and high schools remain open, teleworking continues to be the rule when it is possible. A brutal deconfinement from 1er December is excluded: on this date, only businesses could reopen and the French will have to continue to limit their travel. Before a “Relief” for the Christmas holidays, hopes the Prime Minister, his eyes riveted on the evolution of the health situation.

● The rules unchanged, a reduction would be “irresponsible”

The rules of containment remain the same “At least for the next fortnight” , indicated Jean Castex, warning the French against a hasty reduction of the measures. “Our strategy (…) seems to produce the first expected effects”, with a slowdown in new contaminations “for a week”, But “This trend is recent, therefore fragile”, he justified himself. France is not yet experiencing a drop in hospitalizations – a “Every 30 seconds”, nor intensive care admissions – a “Every three minutes”.

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● The certificate of travel required beyond the 1st December

After the 1er December, the French will have to continue to limit their trips to what is strictly necessary: ​​a certificate will always be required. In the last two weeks, trips between home and work have fallen by 22% compared to their level of last September, said Jean Castex. The “Long distance trips” have also fallen: those by train have fallen by 85%, and the domestic air network is capping at 10% of its normal capacity.

● “Above all, do not relax our efforts” but “amplify them”

The Prime Minister solemnly called on the French to “Citizenship” : it is “especially not slacken our efforts“, But”amplify“. “firmness guidelines“Were given to the Minister of the Interior, in charge of increasing the mobilization of the police,”in particular in Paris, in Île-de-France and in large metropolises“. To date, 580,000 checks have been carried out, giving rise to 88,455 tickets.

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● No reopening of “non-essential” stores by December 1

It’s the cold shower for non-essential shops, closed for two weeks: they will have to keep the curtain down for “Fifteen additional days” , said Jean Castex. A decision “Heavy and difficult”, but reopening now would risk “Compromise everything”, justified the tenant of Matignon. 1er December, “First relief measures” could be taken, “On the basis of a reinforced protocol” negotiated with professionals.

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● No reopening of bars and restaurants on December 1

If relief is decided from 1er December, it will not concern bars and restaurants, nor sports halls, places “Where the risks of contamination are by nature higher”, warned Jean Castex.

● Christmas holidays: a “lightening” hoped for, but “not reasonable to organize big parties”

Will the French be able to spend the holidays with their loved ones? The executive relies on its restrictions to “Allow a new reduction at the time of the Christmas holidays, so that the French can spend the end of the year celebrations with their family”. It is however still “A little early” to get his train tickets, estimated Jean Castex. Family reunions “Will not be able to stand in the same way as usual”, qualified the Prime Minister, adding that he would not “not reasonable” to organize “Big parties for several dozen people”.

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● Continuation of support for businesses that close and the unemployed at the end of their rights

The presidential promise of “whatever the cost” will be kept: the executive will continue “To bring massive economic support to all businesses and businesses” forced to close their doors since the start of confinement. Aid from the Solidarity Fund and partial activity should be paid “In the coming days and by the end of November”, said Jean Castex. As for the unemployed at the end of their rights, they will continue to be compensated.

● A new device to reduce rents for traders

One of the major demands of traders has been heard. The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, unveiled a new device aimed at reducing the rents of these professionals. A tax credit will be introduced in the 2021 budget for donors agreeing to “Waive rents for the month of November”. It will reach 50% of the amount of abandoned rents for all companies up to 250 employees, and up to “Two thirds of the amount of rents” for companies with 250 to 5,000 employees.

● Universities: 1,600 student jobs to support the first years

In order to fight against the isolation of students against the backdrop of university closures, 1,600 jobs – two in each of the 800 university housing estates – will be created by January. These “Student advisers” will accompany first-year students and those most in difficulty, the Prime Minister announced.

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