Covid-19: Clément Beaune advises against booking holidays in Spain or Portugal

“Those who have not yet booked their holidays, avoid, avoid Portugal, Spain,” said the Secretary of State for European Affairs on Thursday.

Storm warning in Europe. While the epidemic seems to be gaining ground, carried by a more contagious Delta variant, the holidays of the French are closely scrutinized by the executive, which is worried that travel will spread the virus. Asked about France 2, the Secretary of State for European Affairs wanted to send a “caution message”, Especially for travelers during the summer.

In general, the pandemic is not over», Underlined Clément Beaune. The situation in some countries, including Greece, Portugal and Spain, is being monitored closely, he said. “reinforced measuresCould be announced vis-à-vis these last two nations in the coming days, if the contaminations continue to multiply. The Secretary of State has also urged people who plan to travel to these destinations during the summer to be patient: “Those who have not yet booked their holidays, avoid, avoid Portugal, Spain, in your destinations […]. It is better to stay in France, or go to other countries“, did he declare.

Some nations have been able to “open the valves too much“, In order to benefit from a healthy tourist summer for economic activity, said Clément Beaune. Controls are also being stepped up by certain capitals, including Athens, in order to keep the situation under control.

A few minutes later, the government spokesman said he had no “recommendation to make“Specific to Spain or Portugal:”wherever you go on vacation, you have to be very vigilant», Warned Gabriel Attal. On BFMTV, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, for his part refused to speak on the subject, saying he did not wish “put on a costume that is not the [sien]“.

The Hungarian law against the promotion of homosexuality is “villain

The Secretary of State for European Affairs also vigorously denounced the Hungarian law against the promotion of homosexuality. Source of strong tensions between Brussels and Budapest, this text is “a villainous law», Attacked Clément Beaune. “It’s a scandal in Europe“, And the procedure launched by the European Commission”is necessary“, He estimated. However, it is unlikely to succeed in preventing the text from entering into force, at least for a while.

The government representative claimed a “cultural struggleAgainst this type of position, and he accused the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, of “play on homophobia“. “Madame Le Pen signed a tribune with Monsieur Orban“, Indicating that she wanted to work with him and that she shared”her values», Also underlined Clément Beaune.

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