Covid-19: China opposes a new WHO investigation on its soil

A new WHO investigation to try to find out a little more about the starting point of the Covid-19? Pressure has increased on Beijing on this subject in recent hours as the new coronavirus has already killed more than 4 million people worldwide and damaged a large part of the world’s economies.

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The WHO indeed urged Thursday August 12 all countries to publish “All data on the virus”. An appeal addressed in particular to China, where the leak of the coronavirus from a laboratory in Wuhan, the city where it was detected at the end of 2019, remains a possibility.

A team of international experts sent by the WHO visited Wuhan in January 2021. Their report, written in collaboration with Chinese specialists, had not made it possible to establish a definitive conclusion on the origin of the virus.

China opposed to “the politicization of the search for origins”

Beijing replied Friday August 13 to the WHO by reiterating its position defended for several months: the initial China-WHO investigation is sufficient and the requests for additional data have political ulterior motives.

“We support science-based research”, Ma Zhaoxu, deputy foreign minister, told an online press conference. “We are opposed to the politicization of the search for origins (…) and to the abandonment of the joint report” China-WHO, he said. In particular, the study estimated that the passage of the coronavirus from the bat to humans via an intermediate animal is the most likely scenario. She judged “Extremely unlikely” that the virus came from a laboratory.

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Ma Zhaoxu rejected WHO’s demands for further investigation. “The conclusions and recommendations of the joint report have been recognized by the international community and the scientific community., he stressed. Future research should, and can only be pursued on the basis of this report. It’s not about starting all over again. “


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