Covid-19: can we get vaccinated at our vacation spot?

Taking advantage of the end of travel restrictions, many French people go on weekends and book their summer holidays: the SNCF is expecting a million passengers for the Ascension Bridge. A brake on vaccination?

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On the contrary, for Jean Castex, who said on the France 2 set on Tuesday, May 11 that it would be possible to receive a dose of vaccine against Covid-19 at his vacation spot. “Do not hesitate to get vaccinated at a vaccination center near your resort. The centers are open all Ascension weekend. I am counting on the mobilization ”, said the Prime Minister.

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An invitation that qualifies the Ministry of Health. During an online press point, Tuesday noon, the latter asked the French to “Adapt” this summer in order to make their vacation departure dates and their vaccination appointments compatible. Contacted by The cross this Wednesday, the ministry confirms his remarks, without however contradicting those of Jean Castex: “It is more practical to receive the first and the second dose at the same place for logistical reasons, but if this is not possible, we can change the appointment”.

Adaptations are planned

“In an ideal scenario, the goal is not to get vaccinated in one place and receive the second dose in another”, adds the ministry who wants it to remain “The exception”, even if adjustments to the vaccination campaign are planned to send more doses to tourist areas.

Concretely, explains the ministry, “If you go to Bordeaux for a weekend and you have a first dose injected there, but you cannot receive the second there, you will have to make an appointment in another center” and “Above all, do not forget to notify the center where you had your first injection so that the appointment is canceled” and that the dose is not lost.

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After a first injection, the second dose is scheduled within six weeks for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and 12 weeks for AstraZeneca.

Since Monday, vaccination is open to over 50s. People over the age of 18 can benefit from the remaining doses by making an appointment up to 24 hours before.


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