Covid-19: before New Years Eve, which screening test should be preferred?

FOCUS – As New Year’s Eve approaches, the use of self-tests is exploding. While they are now available in supermarkets, are they effective or should they prefer antigenic and PCR tests?

The phones heat up before New Year’s Eve. “It’s okay, are you negative?Many friends ask themselves. The latest health measures have reminded many of the virus’s circulation and the explosion of cases due to the Omicron virus. And, in the perspective of the New Year’s Eve, a number of French people are massively tested – around 4 million per week – to find out if they will be able to go there, with friends or family. To deal with a “unprecedented demand for examinations and screening tests since the start of the health crisis“, The government has also authorized, until the end of January, the sale of self-tests in supermarkets.

Since April 12, these were only sold in pharmacies. They avoided the need to make an appointment with the pharmacist for an antigen test or a PCR test. Self-tests will not be reimbursed by health insurance, but several large brands have decided to sell them “at cost price”, Or less than two euros per unit. But beyond that, what about in terms of efficiency? Especially for the evening of December 31, is a self-test sufficiently reliable or should an antigen test, or even PCR, be preferred?

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