Covid-19: back to school, extension of the health pass, Polynesia … The recap of September 2

► A return to school under the sign of the Covid for millions of students

Nearly 12.3 million students returned to school on Thursday, September 2, this time under the threat of the Delta variant, which raises many questions among parents and teachers. “You must first have a feeling of serenity, the start of the school year is prepared, the students will be there, the teachers too, the (health) protocol is clear”, declared the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, on France Inter.

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The ministry adopted the health protocol of ” level 2 “ (out of 4) which allows all students to be welcomed in person and requires them to wear a mask indoors, except in kindergarten. A case of Covid-19 in an elementary school classroom will result in a closure, as in June. In the event of contamination in middle or high school, only students with contact cases who are not vaccinated will have to isolate themselves for a week.

► Emmanuel Macron does not rule out an extension of the health pass

President Emmanuel Macron does not exclude an extension of the obligation of the health pass beyond November 15 in the territories under strong pressure from the Covid-19 epidemic.

” It is too early to tell “ corn “If the epidemic is still present in the coming weeks, we will have to allow ourselves this possibility for the territories which are the most affected”, said the head of state after a visit to a school in Marseille.

Such an extension, already mentioned in early August by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, will have to be the subject of a law in Parliament. “It is because there is the health pass that we no longer need to close restaurants, cafes, theaters, cinemas, theaters, sports activities”, argued Emmanuel Macron.

► Prolonged confinement in Polynesia, relaxation in Reunion

The confinement, curfew and traffic restrictions in force since August 23 will be “Extended”, announced the High Commissioner of the Republic in French Polynesia, Dominique Sorain, to France Info.

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To strengthen hospital services, thirty-six members of the health reserve arrived on the evening of Wednesday 1er September in Papeete. A hundred in total are expected over the week in reinforcement at the hospital center and in peripheral hospitals, all saturated.

In Reunion, confinement will be lifted on weekdays and the curfew pushed back to 9 p.m. from Monday, September 6, announced the prefect by maintaining the ban on travel outside a radius of 10 km on weekends and to go out between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. These virus braking measures were taken on July 31 in the face of an epidemic in full resurgence.

► Medef calls for the medical pass to be stopped for shopping centers

The president of Medef has demanded that the health pass for shopping centers, in force in certain departments for those of more than 20,000 square meters, be stopped.

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“Not only is that – 30%, – 40% (of turnover) in shopping centers where there is the health pass, but since the French have not understood anything logically enough” at the limit of 20,000 square meters and with prefectural authorizations, all “Shopping centers are at – 15%” in turnover, said Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux on RMC / BFMTV.

► 15 million doses of anti-Covid vaccines thrown away in the United States

At least 15 million doses of anti-Covid vaccines have been thrown away in the United States since 1er March, according to the American mediaNBC, citing information obtained from US health authorities.

This number of wasted doses has been reported by US states or pharmacies that administer the vaccines to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the country’s main federal public health agency. The reasons for throwing away doses are various: expiry date passed, dilution error, refrigeration problems, cracked vials … Of the 15 million discarded, most were thrown away during the summer months (June to August), note NBC.

► North Korea refuses Chinese vaccines against Covid-19

North Korea has refused some three million doses of the Chinese vaccine, suggesting they be offered to countries most in need, Unicef ​​said.

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The North Korean Ministry of Health told us “Advises that the 2.97 million doses of Sinovac donated to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by Covax could be sent to severely affected countries, given the limited global supply of Covid-19 vaccines and the recurring upsurge in some countries “, said a spokesperson for Unicef.


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