Covid-19: Aube, Nièvre and Rhône soon subject to reinforced restrictions

The departments of Aube, Nièvre and Rhône will be added to the sixteen territories subjected since Saturday March 20 to reinforced braking measures, in order to face the new outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. “Consultations will take place this afternoon to put these departments under a reinforced regime, announced Wednesday March 24 the spokesman of the government Gabriel Attal, at the end of the council of ministers, held in the wake of a new health defense council.

The incidence rate in the Rhône, especially in Lyon, is 383 per 100,000 inhabitants, thus approaching the 400 mark. It reaches 329 in the Nièvre and 445 in the Aube, according to Public Health France. “The epidemic situation is bad and we must act, go further, where the virus circulates the most, where the general dynamic is strongest, where the hospital is the most tried”, found Gabriel Attal.

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In Île-de-France, overwhelmed hospitals

The government remains faithful to its strategy of territorialization and graduated response to the epidemic. This new turn of the screw was also expected, Emmanuel Macron having stressed on Tuesday that “If other territories” experienced the same degradation of their indicators, it would be necessary “Probably hear it”.

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But epidemiologists and doctors are calling for strict containment in areas where the epidemic is on the rise. Particularly in Île-de-France, where the director of the AP-HP, Martin Hirsch, noted in an email sent to his teams on Wednesday morning that the services did not “Not known such a high number of entries in 24 hours since the first wave” March 2020, both in terms of conventional hospitalizations and resuscitations.

“If these measures are fully implemented, they will have an effect on the incidence in our country” and on the level of occupancy of places in intensive care, defended Gabriel Attal. Like Emmanuel Macron the day before, he also insisted on the need to resort, for companies that can, to teleworking as much as possible, and again promised increased controls and sanctions.

“Unacceptable” AstreZeneca delivery delays

Gabriel Attal also called the delays in the delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine as “Totally unacceptable situation”, while the European Union intends to tighten its export controls of vaccines produced in the EU to ” to guarantee “ supplies for its members.

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In France, the number of Covid-19 patients treated in intensive care has increased regularly in recent days, from 4,400 Sunday to 4,634 Tuesday, to approach the peak of the second wave of autumn (4,900 on November 16).


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