Covid-19: are hospitalization statistics overestimated?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Many Internet users point out that the hospitalization figures take into account patients positive for Covid-19, but hospitalized for another pathology.

THE QUESTION. The hospital, more in demand than ever by the Covid-19 crisis with Omicron? Asked by European 1, this Friday morning, the government spokesman recalled that the objective remained to lift the restrictions aimed at combating the epidemic as soon as the health situation permitted. But that can only happenas soon as we have found a form of normalization in the hospital“. “Today […]there are more people hospitalized for Covid, in our hospitals, than there have ever been since the start of this crisis“, assured Gabriel Attal.

The situation therefore remainsvery tense“, in health establishments, noted the member of the government. But is his observation on the hospital correct? Are the current numbers that high? Or are a significant proportion of people admitted not for Covid, but simply by testing positive, as some Internet users suggest?

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