Covid-19: a second dose possible in any vaccination center

As the summer holidays approach, the Ministry of Health wants to simplify the vaccination against Covid-19 to become more effective in the fight against the pandemic. In particular in the face of a drop in the pace of the vaccination campaign and the risk of an epidemic resumption that the Delta variant implies.

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As of June 30, no more than 50% of French people have received at least a first dose of vaccine. However, for optimal efficacy, particularly against the variant, a second dose is necessary for all people vaccinated with Moderna, Pfizer / BioNTech and AstraZeneca. Only those who have already been ill are exempt: a dose is sufficient, regardless of the anteriority of their contamination according to the High Authority of Health.

Amplify, accelerate and simplify the campaign

Until now, this second injection was done exclusively in the same vaccination center as the first. A problem which, on the eve of the holidays, may have discouraged some from reserving a slot. Now, when making an initial appointment on the Internet, for example via the Doctolib site, it is possible to choose a second consultation in any vaccination center in France. At a trip to Villeneuve-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine) Friday July 2, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, explained this change of method by the need to facilitate things “Taking into account the constraints of the French” going on vacation.

This simplification is also added to the possible reduction in the time between the two injections. Since June 15, it is indeed possible to receive your second dose from 21 days after the first, against 35 previously. The high range does not change: the HAS specifies that it is not necessary to start the vaccination schedule again from the start. “Regardless of the time between the two doses”.

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As a reminder, vaccine efficacy is reached fourteen days after the second injection. 34% of French people received all the required doses. Olivier Véran also recalled that the prospect of compulsory vaccination for the entire population was not on the agenda. If the principle were confirmed, it would only concern caregivers, at the end of the summer, depending on the epidemic situation.


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